rebuilding love after emotional damage

the one person with whom it works proves to you, in the course of being together, that he or she really gets who you are. how in the world can you get back to opening yourself up to someone who has hurt you? and you can allow yourself time to heal from the hurts of the past, because that is a natural process that cannot be rushed. because your guard remains up (that was number one in this list), your powers of observation are keen, and you can see that something new is on the horizon. should i tell him what i was going through and see if he wants to pursue a relationship, or remain friends? i love him…i just don’t want to hurt from the past or not trust a word he says but i do and it kills me everyday. he’s back in my life and i don’t know if i could let him back in my heart , or do i do what he did to me? but priest andrew came into the picture and things turned out to be how i have ever wanted it to be……….i will forever be grateful to him for the rest of my life, am so happy!!!!!!!!!! my boyfriend and i didn’t know each other. he admitted it to me and when i said never contact me again he said call me in about a month when your knocked up!! i want a divorce but i don’t want to hurt him or my kids so then i think maybe, just maybe i can get that unconditional love that i have always wanted. that’s how i use to be but i eventually swallowed my pride and i’d just tell her how i feel. all i know about love ( from 10 years of marriage) is that the only way to love a person, is to love them even when they don’t deserve it. i had to go to her friend and her friend said that she went through the same thing that i am going through. i guess i just want her to miss me and for her to realize that she should to be pushing me away. (of course, you need to check on the competency and that is a different article.) my question is should i try to move on without her or do i continue to try and make things right? i was so mad at my boyfriend and i cried all the time and we argue a lot. he eats when i cook just the same and we have sex. i know he loves me and says he wants me in his life in the future. i know i love her with every ounce of my being, but throughout the relationship, i managed to abuse her physically and mentally. i want to give get as much of the world as i can and give her a life worth living. i still cry from time to time over the pain he has caused and i know he feels awful about it. he was my perfect first boyfriend and i needed to be the perfect girlfriend. it was wrong lying to him in the first place and i regret it. i don’t want this to be the end of us. he’s hurt me so bad and he won’t even talk to me or answer questions that i have. i needed him but he was preoccupied with the other woman and his ex. i have been more the patient i have given him help offered support and tried to get him to quit. she knew the situation between us and i had my suspicions, but when i asked either of them, i was told to ‘stop being paranoid’. it took him a few days to apologise to me, but when he did, he came to me genuinely upset, crying and telling me how stupid he had been, i should have been his girlfriend all along, it had taken losing me to realise he was in love with me, all i wanted to hear. i had an emotional affair with the man i fell in love with when i was in my 20′s, and i still have feelings for this man. the level of emotional connection i have with my eap is so huge and the level with my husband so minimal it is quite difficult to imagine climbing that mountain. my daughter and i moved back into the home a week ago, and i can see that my husband really is trying to make changes, but for me it seems too little, too late. he has started to see a psychologist, and i have also met with the psychologist. i felt so betrayed because i respected our terms and remained loyal to him but he couldn’t do the same. even though he is doing everything in his power to show me his love i feel like i the hurt and pain has made me numb. and i did this to him. and i used to treat him like a king. perhaps you need to work a bit on your own sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. a few days prior to our meeting i emailed her a few things that were on my mind that i wanted her to think about and asked her to do the same. i am living in a vacuum and don’t know what to do. that is the only thing i have to hang into as a sign of hope and that isn’t much. she tells me that she wants to stay with me but now she is in doubt on her feelings on the long term. i came to the conclusion that i was projecting my feelings towards myself on to her and that i was really hurting both of us. we go to a therapist , but it breaks my heart that he wants to keep trying and i do too but i’m not feeling anything. i was honestly in a bad place in my life.. depressed and convinced that i would never be happy again. he came into my life when i least expected it and he brought back a part of me that i lost during all the bad times. i don’t want to hear “you should have never done that in the first place”. her father found out what i had done and told me he would not tell her but i needed too so i agreed that i would. i don’t want to lose contact with her and a kind of out of sight out of mind situation. about a year and a half ago i confessed that i lied in the beginning of our relationship about the number of sexual partners i had in my past. i want him back and to show him that i’m the person i was before this mess happened. he fell for me and i think i have feelings for him too. he wants me to give him a chance but i’m not sure what to do 🙁 i can’t leave my boyriend for someone else. the issue is that he wants me to be fully committed and upbeat and in a happy place with this and i’m not. how can i get him to trust me and show him that i’m not going to hurt him. he was desperate to have his family and told me everything i ever wanted to hear. i felt so betrayed because i respected our terms and remained loyal to him but he couldn’t do the same. even though he is doing everything in his power to show me his love i feel like the hurt and pain has made me numb. i wanted my boyfriend to comfort me but since he didn’t know what to do and i didn’t tell him what i wanted things got bad. i love him so much and i’m so angry this has snowballed. now he doesn’t speak to me and says it’s my fault because i put him in the box for few hours. i had developed a headache just before we were meant to go out for the night so i was in bed. it wasn’t until i found this website that i realised what had happened to my husband and me. so a friday he went to see her at the hospital not letting me go with him, he stayed the night in the hospital with her and that saturday made plans for him and i to go out to dinner & movie. i want to know how to be able or if i’m even able to regain the love that i once had for my partner? i love her deeply and i know what i have to do to change, but we’ve been over this ground before. hi i have someone that i love her with whole my heart and she is into drug. i didn’t know what to do because his drinking was out of hand and the kind of trouble he was getting into made me worry about all of us. i was in this case the giver and he the taker, i understand now that i played a role in him just taking everything and giving me nothing. hi jess, thank you so much for your praise, but i have to tell you: it is you who took it seriously and applied it. i sensed to late that something has been off with him and by the time i instinctively realized the emotional damage i must’ve done to him i also felt that he might have fallen out of love with him. (with many racy messages and pics, that linger in my mind) i still loved and missed her so much. and that we wanted to be in love with each other again. i threatened to get custody of our son and i wanted her out of the house. she has issues but i wouldnt stand for that, she is knowingly hurting you and she needs to work on herself. he will say he loves me and that my life is so normal and this is healthy but his friends tell me that he finds reasons to leave as i am not needy enough for him and that i may be almost a threat to him because it is easier to save this manipulative woman as she will kick him to the curb until her next drama. we’ve been fighting a lot lately because he says i need to change the way i am, and to gain his trust. he says that i don’t do anything for his to trust me, what am i suppose to do? we were “together”, but not technically, for a while due to the fact that i was staying with my mom a few hours away. hi, the first 2 months of my relationship with my bf, i like him a lot because he know how to treat a woman, and he is very blunt and direct with what he want and how he feel. i had a panic attack months before i met my ex and i literally thought in that moment i was going to die. so for her to be with him is a mixture of him being her first love, and he doesn’t insult her like i did, and all they do is have fun. i love her with all my heart and i want to convey that to her. so i really would like to see you working in therapy on overcoming whatever it was in your own life that got the fears started. and then i get afraid that she is going to leave me. the third time we broke up i called him to see how serious he was about me and he said that he hadn’t got over his issues and he placed a greater importance to school. finally he visits me and decides to stay he had nothing but the stuff he brought with him so i supported him in everyway until he could himself and we were good for another year. we are both in our early 20s and i think i’m too young to have this kind of stress in my life and so is he. when he’s with me i try to see that he wants to be with me but at the same time i just want to go to bed and be left alone. i wish he had the ability in him to see that the girl that he says is his best friend is actually not who she appears to be. my boyfriend of about a year and i both cheated on each other and lied i each other about it. marriage is hard, no doubt about it and a man has to be mature to handle it. i didn’t know that he was getting hurt by this and that i’m not meeting his needs when it comes to loving him. that day i had my son in my arms and i took him home with me. i feel like i need to point out that i am only 21 and he is 22. we met in highschool, i dropped out and moved in with him and his parents a few months after we got together. the sex stopped, and i can’t stand to even have him touch me. i want her to forgive me and i am trying my best to understand how i hurt her. we are both in our early 20s and i think i’m too young to have this kind of stress in my life and so is he. i am also thinking that he and his parents are the only people who gave you love and care. he just kinda gave up on me when i was in a bad place. the only time trust was broken was when he lied to me about this girl he was talking to..i asked him who she was and he said she was someone in his class from school for a project and i believed him. final point and i will leave you with this: real love is loving the character of the other person. i really want to work things out, he is the man i am madly in love with but i don’t know what to do. on sunday i tried taking to her but she was adamant it was over saying she still loves me but isn’t in love with me and that she’s not attracted to me anymore. thanks in advance and apologies for the length of post but as i said it is all still pretty raw. my bf will not leave unless i get a restarining order on him and the police tell him he has to leave. so you get the best solution: fall in love with the guy you want him to be and then tell the real person to change into that guy. it was as if i wanted her but wanted to still be the lazy guy. i broke down and told her that i was tired of blaming everyone and everything on my behavior. he has told me that he wants to be with me for the rest of his life and if i wasn’t in it, then no one would be. he says he wants to keep trying because he remembers how amazing our relationship was, but i feel like he’s just saying that and is not motivated enough to act on it. i admitted to cheating on my boyfriend and he was of course very mad at first. so using that profile i made a tinder to see if he was there, which he wasn’t, but his cousin was. i explained that it was because it happened without him asking that he thought it might upset me, and at no point did he stop and put me in front of his desire at the time. the fact that he “didn’t hear” the phone next to his head, and at he did things knowing i might have a problem is what made me feel disrespected. she admitted being with a guy for 7 years because he took care of her every need and she didn’t have to work. i come to you with a broken heart and an open mind. he did all of this and i still found things to fear in our relationship but nothing because he gave me a reason to fear it. plus, i just moved out the house and he begged me not to but i had to for me. i have asked her if she still loves me and that who would win in a contest and she had told me that i would win. even then, while we were in public, i didn’t really like showing my love for her in front of other people, especially my family and friends (i used to though). i don’t know if i should be patient or if i have to do something drastic to save the relationship. this is a update on my previous post and i really really need your advice. he told me that when we talk i give him anxiety and he wants the divorce asap. then i spoke with the co worker one on one and she told me she will back off but my husband is not going to change his mind or how he feels. the fact that he loves but doesn’t like you is what is clueing me in that there is something on your part that you need to look at. i have been working on me and myself becoming a better person being the maria that i truly am. dr. deb with all this being the case can i prove to him that was not truly me and i can make him happy. his previous relationship was caught in the middle of us falling for each other, and he ended it to be with me. i have told him that i have in a way felt the same as it seems the only time he wants to touch me is when he wants sex so i have turned myself off in a way. i was to blame for his misery and we started fighting so much. it was because a stranger at the airport asked me for directions and according to my boyfriend i wasn’t very useful to him as my sense of directions isn’t great so i should have asked him for help instead of giving answer myself. what you really need to do is the same as i suggested for bell – to look for aspects in his personality and behavior that are quite different from those of your first husband. he dun have a good marriage and thus treat me very good and lovingly.all these years with him, i always remind myself he is a married man and i cant get myself into this rs( relationship) . but i cant let go of him cos i knew he is the one in my life. i really need your expert advice because i don’t know am i wasting my time trying and hoping that my husband will fall in love with me and want our marriage to work. just because he talked to you for friendship and advice did not mean you could help him repair his marriage. people in the band began to call him names like “security” cause he wanted to be everywhere i was & didn’t want to give me a small little space , i mean ? i would rather see you give him the oral sex dressed up in a way that excites your and his imagination. then i would take that information and have a heart to heart talk about your sex life with your husband and where you want to go. i also wonder whether the depression you feel has any connection to all of the above. i have been dealing with depression for many years since having children with my boyfriend, he has always been someone who loved to drink and over the years of enjoyment of drinking turned into the need of drinking…. the reason was i have been in touch with my ex and i had never told him . and i accept my mistake that i have been a brat and lied to him. deb actually i tried talking to him but hes talking to me very and replying to me . i told him that i miss him and am sorry but he said its okay . i have been dating a good man for over a year and a half. so to “what am i doing” i could ask you the same one of my doing and i crazy to continue to hold on hoping and praying and i have a very strong faith in my religion he does not. we have had a few rough patches but nothing like this and i don’t know how i am suppose to go about trying to get back to the way we were. i let him do what he wanted, and he finished in me! i decided to give him space , no talking or texting for a dat , just to see if he would miss me. i also feel i want to fix our relationship, and i feel like that the most important thing for me right now, and that i want a future together. but he was the one ignoring me and the problems in our relationship and it seemed like the more i tried to love him the more he pushed me away. i have told him that i love him and want to fix the problems. he started ignoring me and the more i tried to love him he pushed me away. i was pretty much begging him to take me back, and we met up at the park earlier so we could talk. and later when i called i said to him that i hope that one day he can forgive me. i told him over and over again that i have a problem with the way we are even before the proposal but he didnt really do anything about it. i mean he swears that he does, but he really broke my heart by saying that to me in the first place. and that bothered me, i asked him about that and he told me it was nothing. i went away to volunteer in a different country by myself ( it was my first time traveling alone and out of the us). he also said that if he didn’t cheat, i would have been the one to cheat. i want to be with him but he’s not doing anything to gain his trust back. i was insensitive to his struggles and feelings. i know he still would like to spend the rest of his life with me. but i’m hopeless now, because he was so good and i don’t know if i’ll be able to get him back. i love him and i don’t want to ever lose him. but the last 4months since i was honest when she asked she’s beat me down to the point. he said he loved me with his whole heart but i hurt him and i had to rebuild his trust. i had no idea of this, i knew how i had hurt him and reiterated that i didn’t expect him to say he loved me. he said i didn’t get to decide who he loved. to imagine him there, after all that has passed, i just don’t know how he can be so cold and cruel. i have asked him if there is someone else, he swears not and i am inclined to believe him. he is the most caring person i know, and to go this far without speaking to me so we could try to fix things, is one of the things that hurts the most. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 5 years. i know that he must be trying to forget about the pain and want to be happy, if only for that night, but more recently when he’s been drunk with me (i’ve become sober since) he has acted out in a very hurtful way. he wanted to celebrate my birthday and have us end the weekend on a good note. but the other girl who means nothing to me is talking to the girl i love and telling her and telling her other stuff thats not true. we have a five year old daughter and i don’t want to be with anyone else and i don’t want to move me and my daughter out of our home, but i’m not sure how much of this i can take. i guess this is a good forum to atleast share and talk of what i am going though. everytime we would argue he would threaten to leave, so he did one other time and i went to my ex boyfriend for someone to talk to. and he said he didnt blame me if i never wanted to talk to him again. i have been told to maybe take a break and talk to a therapist. my husband and i have been together a total of 17 yrs he has pushed me away for 15 yrs. i dated this man with the intent of moving on because my partner, then friend, rejected me and told me to move on because he didn’t share the same sentiments.

a year from then i thought he’s moved forward but he then got back to the topic of my ex and continued to be upset. i do not feel appreciated and basically he feels entitled to this because he is the sole provider.intimacy has become a chore for me as my desire has not been for him for a long time. even if there was not another man in the picture i still believe money or lack there of is not a reason to stay with a man who doesn’t love and respect you like he should. i am so unhappy with my marriage and in the plans of leaving once i return from a job. in my frustration of her asking over and over i said i had a wedding to go to in two weeks. and the only way i know of to change them is trauma-based therapy such as i practice. he is very judgmental and critical on top of it i feel like he only knew how to put me down. anyways we had a beautiful baby 2 years ago unplanned he wanted me to move in and i agreed. from his point of view i betrayed him and from my point of view he betrayed me and the children. i don’t want to provide a bad example to our only child by staying in the marriage. hello, i’ve been in a relationship for 7 years now, my boyfriend used to be very abusive and i didn’t know how to leave him. then i was hurt and in pain and our sex life suffered but my wife tried everything to have sex with me but i wasn’t having it. we separated for 2 and a half years and during that time i did what i needed to rebuild my life and self-esteem. i am in therapy and have been told that my anxiety is because i am face to face again with the person that caused me trauma. i asked is there still a reason for me to be here and keep trying, she told me she has no comment on that. i feel like i’ve been so scared by this that i can never truly forgive him and open up to him again. even when he finally gave in…i knew what he was capable of doing to me and i let that stop me from believing or understanding he was hurt. i was ignoring her and thinking that she just needed to grow up and be a stronger woman! i feel so bad for what i have done to this woman that i truly love and respect! i give you credit for being able to look at yourself and to admit your errors. i told her that if this is what she needs to do then we will do it. she is used to just keeping things inside, and i think she is finally full and it’s starting to seep out of the cracks. it’s been a tough road and with a child who is 10 years old i came to a point in my life where i felt the last 2 years i have fallen out of love with him . it took me a while to learn to trust either of them again – but i did it. i was sitting in the car & my door was open. he told me that peter had no rights to joining in our shared meal .. despite the fact that both our mutual friend & i invited him to stay. i told him that i definitely would not do what he demanded of me. he also told me that he “was putting himself to the test that he could maintain a close friendship with her whilst i worked”. we were to re-new our vows at the end of october on the very day we said our i do’s. his response to my asking why he couldn’t make one of those phone calls in front of me is that “he didn’t have the courage to talk to her in my presence”. i cannot cope with another day unfolding & wish as i lay my head down each evening that i do not need to face the awakening of a new day. my wife and i were married in may of 2013. in january of the following year stupidly i told my stepsons ex-girlfriend that i used to have a crush on her. what i need is for my husband to make the necessary changes and prove he means them rather than begging and pleading with me for me to love him. she seems more open to have a laugh, when i talk about the future it doesn’t seem to have entered her mind that i’m not in it. we promised to be together forever, he is my best friend and soul mate, and i am utterly devastated by this. we have tried a few times to get it back, but he’s never seemed that comfortable with me and i’ve been very insecure so its made me hold back on the new me i want to be. and most of my friends don’t want to know me because i was so busy last year putting my home and loved ones first. i started to see her less and less and took her for granted as it went on, while she was still madly in love with me and only wanted it to work. i would go to his moms house and it was like a shrine to the ex. i would ask him to come along to some of the events. says for me to go back to those people i now call a family (my car club) he feels like my decision was about my club and the other issues were just excuses . he is giving hundreds of reasons and wants me to trust him and believe that we will be together. at the time i wanted to get married, he didn’t. i would go to his moms house and it was like a shrine to the ex. says for me to go back to those people i now call a family (my car club) he feels like my decision was about my club and the other issues were just excuses . i had 2 relationships between my in famous breakup and the one i’m in now. i don’t know how to carry on without him in my life. i know it is over for good and i am devestated. i was, for the last few months selfish and stuck in my own problems. problems with my ex and our children made me so low i reverted to drugs. i have to live with it now. i later found out he was supposedly at his mothers for the 2.5 days and then took off out of town to a casino for the weekend. he just thinks we should go back to where we were being a couple and having sex but i can’t do that just yet. at the time he stated i was his princess and told his mom about me.blah blah blah. but she was okay with her role in his life as long as she had him and that he’d have to put up with me his bm drama. and i tried to do so physically. he gave me the letters i wrote back, said he will come around our son when he is a better role model and that he doesnt exist to me or my family and never to contact him again. my problem is that i can’t seemed to believe him given he gave himself to another for so long, treated me with such disrespect & cruelty in the last year. my partner has said he loves me but is not in love with me , thing is he won’t move out we have 2 children both teenagers, i am doing everything i can to change myself and be a better person. the beginning of this year, my girlfriend and i of almost three years now had to move down to vegas because of my work. how can i prove to him that he is more than enough? i work with my ex and he did exactly this to me. it kills me to know that i am the cause of his broken heart. what is the best method to figure out what i truly want in this crossroads so i don’t toy with my significant other’s heart anymore then necessary. i initiated the move…just to see her for the first time in 9 months. i was sad and hurt. she was heavily pregnant and due in a week.i wish i had a car to pick her up. i was like i need to see the progress since i paid for repairs and fixing. this argument lasted for a week that i missed her so much cus i have not seen her in 3 months (late may to july). she came and indeed i felt like my soul was restored. but i did what i had to do in writing and verbally. so the gut picked her and i saw him clearly he was the guy i saw on fb. i said ok. she came but stayed in her car, called me to come out. the thought of him finally deciding that he no longer wants me is terrifying and i’m not sure how to react nor do i know what to do or where to begin. when i finally said i was at the mall (me and her used to go to the mall together), she called me right away after month long blockage of my number. hey all…… so, i read the article, and i think it has valid points. he wants to divorce now but i have been fighting back to get back into the relationship with him, to be with my daughter and him.he doesn’t have emotionaly feelings for me anymore and it is very painful . am welling to fight back, but i feel he’s is not trying to put the effort into getting back together. what will him interested on me again ?what kind of conversation i should have with him over the phone . he grabbed his phone back and texted her and said nvm and we were like done at the airport i was crying my eyes out and i was so disappointed because he obviously was lying to me. and how do i know that he’s not going to do this to me again? i have begged and pleaded for him to work with me on this. then at the end he broke up with me and said he didn’t want me to contact him and he didn’t want a tearful goodbye. i just want to be with him but he won’t respond. she invited me to a wedding months ago and said the clothing was informal. but i speak in my email using terms like “my partner”, i dont say “her” etc., i basically say that i want a partner that i could have told her what the issue was and we come to an agreement that works for both of us. in my heart i just get the feeling i let her down and she wont give me a second chance. but now since the past 1 year i fell in love with him but he says he fell out of love for me and doesn’t think we will ever work out. i want so badly to see him, but i am so afraid to have that feeling of love again. if he comes to the conclusion that he does want to try to make this work, how do i get over all of the hurt and betrayal? recently i found and tried a program called the language of desire. he is 24 and i am 32, he know about it but i cant help but feel that the age gap is too big. it is so hard to ‘make’ it be all about me and my recovery. i just know that was what i needed to see and it may be what others need as well. and is by the same guy over and over because i keep on believing that he can change for 5 years now ,,,recently i just don’t know what to do anymore. i know and accept he is married, i wouldn’t want his wife nor would i expect him to leave his wife because they have been together a long time, i simply like what we have between us. he didn’t show it at the time but was discreetly trying to tell me that i needed to chill out. but i’m at a loss on how to make up for something that is in the past and cannot be changed. the only things i can offer are apologize, asking for forgiveness, and asking for a chance to show the best of me instead of my worst. i want to state that my actions/behavior was good, but in my case things were very odd and he wasn’t good for me. once winter rolled around, a feeling of discontentment that i have felt before returned to me involving the satisfaction with my career as a musician and artist. i am not the best communicator as you can tell and i know that that is one of the most important things in a relationship. sometimes i feel as though he feels the same but we don’t want to hurt each other and separate. i’m the type of person that i don’t really like to open up but with him being my best friend and fiance i always thought i could. i resent him to the point where i’m losing the love i have for him and i can’t help it. and, i have a son and he was 5 when my ex & i started dating. he likes to feel needed but i can feel his distance at time’s and i know that i hurt him but he hurt me too in several ways and i have owned it. i didn’t even want to buy that expensive house because i knew i’d be in school and i didn’t want him to become financially overwhelmed bit what do i know? he says he just isn’t in love with me anymore and that he wants to be alone. should i wait him to contact me or should i make the move and give him my support? and i do believe from your description that he is also insecure. i told him i didn’t want him talking to her and he stopped. i was going to end the relationship but he opened up to me and admitted he had a problem. he got time off and came home to me a month after he cheated on me for the third time. or am i just too stupid to see that he is playing me and toying with my emotions? when my wife told me, i was devestated but i knew i wanted to try and fix the relationship. for the past year i have been doing everything i can to be supportive, kind and understanding. i realized i was being abusive and selfish in the relationship and i wanted to be a better person for her. but i don’t know what to do. i have been loyal to him from the start and i chose to forgive him as i was tired of running away from every relationship and wanted to know if i was strong enough to keep loving him. it was from a girl i asked him not to talk to or hang with, when going through the messages he was telling her that he was becoming distant from me and was starting to like her and wanted to hang out with her. i keep worrying that the love i had for him is gone and it will never be the same. i am trying to stay connected to this relationship and give it the effort it deserves. as he drew away from me , i confronted him to what was really wrong with him, he told me he fell out of love with me. after a few days, he said he wanted to work on the marriage and that our child and me is important to him. and he does not know how to get back to the place he would prefer to be — with you as a family, but in love as well. he has basically told the world, our friends and family including my children that he has no respect for me and i don’t even matter as a person and it hurts. i started to distrust my new partner and it snowballed. i confronted him about it and the other women. in the meantime, i am showing him respect and trying to be as nice as i can. so i think the counseling should be a good move provided the counselor doesn’t just say “mhm” but actually has tools and opens you up to further thoughts. she is the one always calling and texting after warning me not to call her. i am looking for a way to avoid her now bcus she hindering my healing process hi craig you are clear that your ex- is using you but you fall into the trap again and again. out of blue she called me this monday february 20 early in the morning on my way to work. i see a future with her and she means the world to me. i cannot see a life without her and i will give everything to right my wrongs just to have her with me again. i want her back and i know its going to be a process. i was disappointed and thought this was going to end up just like my previous 3 experiences. i did this to prove to her and myself that i love her and she was enough for me and although i had made a mistake in the past , i wanted to be with her and her exclusively. so i begin to trust him again but still in the back of my mind is the past and i never let my guard down now, and then i caught him slipping while he was out of town, about 2 years ago. he tells me all the time that i don’t love him anymore and i’m starting to see why. we fell in love and she broke from those two relationships, but i think i must have harbored resentment from that dificult transition that took a year, because our relationship has been stressed. this crushed me and i found it difficult to function (began drinking heavily). drdeb, my girlfriend recently left me and i cant seem to get over it. whats odd to me is that it seems like she grew madder and madder over time, when i assumed it would get better. i want her back but she is just not in a place right now where she can be with me. i’m afraid that if i insist on this topic he ‘ll start to feel guilty and pulls away as he did in the past. a this moment i am staying at my friends place for about month as my ex had said that she wants to be friends and have a break. she was upset of my rejection but i thought about and said yes. we’re 3 weeks now into our break but she has contacted me just to talk about finances, i could hear the frustration and anger. i have started therapy again to work on my reactivity, negative thoughts and communication skills, but we are in the thick of it now. i truly do not want this and i want to love her the way she deserves to be loved, but it is sooooo hard to let go of the control and leave it up to what will be. i really don’t know what to think and how to have deeper conversations. we are due to go counselling very soon but her heart is not in it and i fear my actions have lost me my wife. i tried my best to avoid him and the relationship conversations but i wasn’t always successful. he left the morning i was packing and he said it was because it was impossibly hard to watch me pack. i’ve started with a new therapist and i really feel like she will be able to help me. so my question is this…i understand that you say it takes time to heal from the hurts of the past and the pain i caused him. we have been together for 5 yrs how do i get him to fall in love with me again? so god knows what you did to the man but i lost interest in women. my boyfriend and i have been together for a year. in discussions it tends to turn into me talking about all of my issues and how bad a person i am, which doesn’t help. i do therapy on skype if that is of interest to you. the flirting still hurt though, so i complained and he kind of stopped. i found a video call and chat where he was asking her to pull off her clothes, twerk and show him her privates. so i asked him if he wanted to have a video call with me, he declined. and he was even complaining that i was putting on weight! told him to change for himself, else its not sustainable.and i needed to see him take actions that will guarantee it never happens again. my head ( and my friend) tells me to move on, i deserve way better but my heart is not cooperating. i really felt i was losing him and i think that’s what led me to meet up with the other man last year. i just can’t believe he is able to just get o we me this quick. i love him, as my spouse and the father of my children, but i want that in love feeling back and i’m having trouble opening myself up again to him in order to be able to feel that. he was never ready for me to give up the apartment i had moved into when we broke up but by june i was pretty much living there again. i know he would want to move very slowly if there’s even a chance for us but that was very upsetting to hear. i still have a lot of work to do but i’m trying. i am offering a course in this very subject, however, and you might want to inquire further. i mean i know what i need and what i need to do but it is all consuming and confusing. i made a very unhealthy environment for anyone to be around me and i kick my self today for having make the mistakes that i did. and the fact that he had to pry it out of me didn’t help either. i told him that i’m not asking for him to forgive me but to think about the good qualities i have and put a little hope in that part of me. i had a rough childhood that i thought i left in the past, i said some really hurtful things to her and pushed her away. i want to fix this so bad, he is the love of my life, and i do not want to lose this person because he really is an amazing man. he felt that i condescended to him a lot, said the worst things to him at the worst times, and maybe the right thing at the wrong times, he does not feel i was supportive in the way he needed me to be when he most needed it. i didn’t like it and decided i only want to be with my love, but this made my love lose interest and now he doesn’t see me the same anymore. i fought for 2+ yrs to just be a normal person and do normal things and my partner always had a problem accepting the fact that she isn’t the center of my world and all we did was argue over it. the aim is to show that you are fun to be with and that you know how to have a good time. and that i have since then falling in love with her over and over. but i wanted a break and asked him to breakup after 3 days of dating and which he accepted but was very sad.

we will learn how to start rebuilding love after emotional damage so that you can be happy again. rebuilding love after emotional damage is a long process and it’s important to be patient with yourself during this journey. the process of rebuilding love after emotional damage isn’t easy, but it is definitely worth it in the end. there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question, as everyone’s journey is different; however, if you are patient and put in the work required, then there is a good chance that rebuilding love after emotional damage can be a success.

this is a common mistake that you can easily avoid by taking time to focus on yourself and understanding what you need/want in a partner. this tip is especially important during the early stages of rebuilding love after emotional damage as it can easily set the tone for future interactions. in conclusion, rebuilding love after emotional damage can take a lot of work but it’s possible for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort needed. rebuilding love after emotional damage isn’t easy but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

it truly is possible to rebuild. remember this: loving is giving. your actions in betraying were not giving, not even to yourself. to fall back relationships aren’t easy. anyone who says they are is in denial. or a serious honeymoon stage. sure, they’re supposed to be more happy than sad, but no matter rebuilding love after emotional damage is a long process and it’s important to be patient with yourself during, rebuilding love after emotional damage quotes, signs your relationship is beyond repair, how to deal with someone who hurt you emotionally, i hurt my husband emotionally how do i fix it.

root out hatred from your being and let your heart open. if practiced correctly this will quickly change you and the change would be palpable to rebuilding love after emotional damage by deb hirschhorn, phd. what’s “falling in love” anyway? it has two components: part one: how the other person makes if you don’t have anything to talk about, or are having awkward silence in your time together, try some couple communication exercises, a couple’s retreat, or a, my husband hurt my feelings and i can’t get over it, how to love someone again after they hurt you, how to fix a relationship you ruined, my husband hurt me deeply, my husband hurt me deeply, emotionally damaged wife, how to rebuild emotional connection with wife, living in a painful marriage, how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend, i said horrible things to my husband, my boyfriend hurt my feelings and i can’t get over it. take care to follow the next five steps when you can do so calmly and respectfully:step 1: express feelings. step 2: share and validate. step 3: talk about triggers. step 4: acknowledge, accept, apologize. step 5: value preventative care over exhaustive repair.

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