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this feels especially true of breakups, the great equaliser. when i was a teenager (the late 2000s) and began to understand that i was attracted to women, i felt like i was the only one in the world. some were not out as bisexual or gay yet and i watched, in real time, as they went through the difficulties that i went through as a teenager, from confusion to shame. the depictions of lesbian relationships she did see were intense – blue is the warmest colour being a prime example – and left her feeling like breakups were always going to be dramatic or agonising.

for daisy, what can make a lesbian breakup so difficult – and perhaps the subject of so much misery art – is that women can quite easily ‘enmesh’ in relationships. this meant that discussions of a same-sex breakup were off the table. with all of this to contend with, it begins to feel understandable that statistics show that lesbian marriages – above heterosexual marriages and gay marriages – end in the highest divorce rates. “i think the representation of wlw relationships in general has become a whole lot sexier and cooler over the past half-decade or so and that things aren’t quite as morbid or miserable as they used to be,” she says. the internet can be a space to process all of it.”

whenâ a relationship ends, one of two things is typically happening.â  one, you are being spared somethingâ (such as a life with someone who is not well-suited to be your partner); orâ you are being prepared for something newâ (learning lessons that will prove invaluable to you in your next relationship). you cannot attract a partner who is healthier than you.â  ever.â  it defies logic.â â no one is fooling anyone when it comes to love…weâ get what we are.â  like attracts like.â â if you find this notion intolerable, or unacceptable – it’s probably time to take a closer look at your relationship.â  if you are certain that you are healthier than your partner, ask yourself this:â â â€œif i am so much healthier than she is, what am i doing here?”â â sure, sometimes we attract partners that do not mirror our emotional health – and that’s why those relationships don’t last. â your issues may not be the same, but they are disabling to the same degree.â she may drink and yell too much, and to the same degree she is not taking care of herself, you are also not taking care of yourself by tolerating or enabling this. relationships are the best vehicle around to help us become the best version possible of ourselves.â â the very best thing you can ever do for your relationship is to focus on how to live your life with as much health and happiness as possible.â  there is no greater gift you can give your partnership than a healthy you!

people often ask, “how long should i wait before dating again?”â i think about dating again in terms of healing, not time.â â â youâ areâ the very leverage that you can rely on to attract a partner.â if you are not feeling good about yourself or about life, then work on getting your game back before you think about playing the field. until then, do the next right thing that will lead you to feel stronger, more interesting, more alive, and more loveable. when you “rebound” the issue isn’t the speed with which you move after your breakup, it’s where you are emotionally and what you have to offer when you start your relationship. in a nutshell,â when you feel good about who you are and what you have to offer to get out there and begin dating again.â until then, don’t worry about the amount of time it takes – focuses on your next step to feelingâ better. she is the author of just ask: 1,000 questions to grow your relationship, which is available in paperback or kindle on amazon, as well as an app on itunes /google play.

the best medicine for a lesbian breakup is going no-contact — don’t see or speak to them at all for a set period of time. it feels horrible at let it all out. get your feelings out in healthy ways. write them down, make a painting, write a fantastic break-up song, listen to great break- i think it’s fairly stereotypical for women to become each other’s everything relatively quickly, which makes it hard to then pull away. you’re, lesbian breakup coach, lesbian breakup coach, queer breakup advice, autostraddle breakups, lesbian marriage falling apart.

advice articles out there specifically about queer breakups makes me think that this kind of thinking is holding you back a bit, too. you’re lose the judgment and criticism and help one another grow. if you give it your best shot and it still doesn’t help, then it’s time to dig out that life vest and even better: just by being there, she’s kept me from making one of the most common lesbian break-up mistakes of all time: going back to my ex (who was, how to get through a breakup?, how to get over a breakup fast?, how to get over heartbreak?, how to get over an ex?. how to survive a lesbian breakuptake a break from dating, and only get back out there when you’re truly ready. it’s ok to really feel your pain. try to forgive her and yourself for all that went down. participate in activities that will get her out of your head. find the positive in this negative situation.

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