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read full profile think back to your first relationship. is there any advice you wish you could go back in time and give yourself? most of us realize far too late how to have a healthy, successful relationship. instead, love happens in “micro-moments of positive resonance”, when you spend happy, connected time with someone you care about. it’s biologically impossible to feel love all of the time, and it’s natural to sometimes feel irritated by your partner. stop chasing unrealistic ideas of ‘true love’, and instead focus on enjoying the time you spend with your partner. if you’re having doubts, it can be helpful to look at the reasons why you’re in a relationship.

it can be hard to objectively assess your own relationship, but it’s worth taking the time to do so. if any of the following signs are present in your relationship, it’s a strong indication that something could be wrong. whether you’ve been together for two months or 20 years, making an effort to keep your relationship feeling fresh and exciting is essential. stick to your plan and don’t let work or other commitments get in the way. it might look like your best friend has the perfect boyfriend, or your coworker is in the ideal marriage, but you can never truly know what’s going on behind the scenes. instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on what’s great about your own relationship. there will probably be times when you feel like you hate your partner, and that’s when commitment comes in. if you’re the type of person to break up the second something goes wrong, try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

cosmopolitan.com asked 25 women for the best piece of relationship advice that they ever got from their moms and here are their wise responses:  2. that way you will always be learning and have a real life partner.” “never date a boy who isn’t nice to their mom. it’s the best way to see how they treat women they care about.” you should not have to work that hard to keep it fun. “don’t worry if your boyfriend says he doesn’t want to have kids or get married. i got that a lot too, but look at me now — 4 kids, 2 marriages, and 1 engagement later. “if he’s truly interested in you, he’d let you know. he wouldn’t disappear for weeks or months without notice.” it doesn’t matter if you’re crazy about him — you wont be happy in the long run if he’s just not as into you.”

“does he need a mom or does he need a girlfriend? don’t get them confused with each other when you love him. “when i’m frustrated about something she always reminds me that relationships are about giving and taking. “since i was a little girl my mom has always told me that i should never, ever settle and that i am a queen and should be treated as such by my significant other. “the best relationship advice my mom gave me was always wear a condom. “even if you think you will never find someone as good as the guy who broke your heart, you have to trust your gut and know that one day you will.” “the most important thing is that he’s your best friend. if you can sit with him, not say a word and it’s comfortable just like that, you’ve got something good. she said, ‘you need to remember that you’re a princess and deserve to be treated like one. if he doesn’t understand that, it’s ok to let him go. “i’m not sure if she expressly told me this, but if i learned anything from watching my parents growing up, it’s that you need to be with someone who makes you laugh.”

no two relationships are the same. it might look like your best friend has the perfect boyfriend, or your coworker is in the ideal marriage, but you can never crowdsourced relationship advice from over 1500 people who have been living “happily ever after.” learn how they make it work. the best relationship advice i’ve received is something i literally found on a therapy website: be honest, with your partner and with yourself., .

1. look for someone with similar values 2. never take your partner for granted 3. stop trying to be each other’s “everything”. love advice that remains timeless 1. best friends and best partners go hand in hand: 2. seek out the good: 3. personalize your love 4. be kinder than be a woman that both women and men respect, admire, and look up to. don’t disrespect yourself by lowering your standards and accepting just anything that comes, .

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