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ever wonder who you’re meant to be with? if you’re a virgo, you’ve come to the right place. “this sign is practical, resourceful, and is known for precision and attention to detail.” and venus, the planet of love, dictates exactly how virgos romance. below, find everything you need to know about virgos in relationships, the three signs they’re most romantically compatible with, and the one sign that is probably better off as a friend. a virgo is the kind of lover who’ll have list of recs for you the next time you see them. on the flipside, the type of partner they’re attracted to is someone loyal, devoted, and understands their ways of love. if a virgo is with someone who doesn’t appreciate thoughtful gestures or their partner’s love language isn’t aligned with theirs, it would make virgos feel insecure.

“…those born under this mutable earth sign are constantly looking for ways to make the world a better place, and their partner’s life is no exception,” says mesa. a virgo sign likes the challenge of having to figure someone out. and while these signs are rooted in different elements (virgo in earth and scorpio in water), they balance each other out. capricorns and virgos are a harmonious match since they’re both earth signs, and “they’re both equally as loyal and committed to one another,” mesa says. “[cancer] is naturally empathic and intuitive to the needs of others, which is why they resonate so much with virgo’s energy,” says mesa. “as virgos are all about the mind, cancers compliment their energy with just getting them on an intuitive level and it flows very well,” mesa explains. aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning those born under it “prefer to do things their way and they typically prefer to take the unconventional route, too,” she says. “virgos would have trouble with the thought of investing and committing to something that doesn’t feel secure,” adds mesa.

while virgos may be known for their hardworking tendencies when it comes to their careers, they also put a lot of effort into each one of their romantic relationships—especially when it comes to sex. stardust says virgos and aries may be a difficult match because virgos will have to “step up their game (and they don’t like games!).” one of the only ways this relationship will work is if the virgo will commit to engaging in personal self-transformation to vibe with the fast-and-furious pace of an aries. and when it comes to relationships, the two signs will often have deep conversations—especially in the bedroom. sorry cancers, but practical virgos will often get irritated by your emotional sides, which stardust says can lead to a lot of awkward moments. since leos often hide their feelings, this can cause virgos (who are often honest to a fault) to feel neglected or insecure in their relationships.

“both will be down to boogey or bare their souls to one another whenever, as long as it’s happening in a clean room,” she explains. “however, virgo is dependent on their libra partner for sound advice and security, which may override the bafflement of the maiden in the long run.” “this couple can have both shamelessly hot, lusty sexual romps and deep soul-shattering conversations with incredible ease,” stardust says. “the two can argue non-stop over minor disagreements, often resulting in both parties wanting to have the last word,” she explains. “the two indulge in earthly pleasures and give each other motivation to succeed in life, endlessly supporting each other’s passions,” stardust says. “the two often link up to talk about anything and everything taboo, and they may even create a safe space to experience it,” stardust says. the two signs admire each other’s quirks and take pleasure in how the other fills what they themselves lack.

two virgo partners can be a very challenging match, for they both tend to dismiss emotion on account of reason. their only chance of a happy ending lies in generally, the most compatible signs for virgo friendships and romantic relationships are fellow earth signs (taurus, capricorn, virgo) as they’ virgo love chart ; virgo + taurus (april 20 – may 20) ♥♥♥♥ virgo + gemini (may 21 – june 20) ; virgo + cancer (june 21 – july 22) ♥♥♥♥., best match for virgo woman, best match for virgo woman, best match for virgo man, virgo personality, virgo horoscope.

in friendship, virgos are compatible with water signs scorpio and cancer. while they differ greatly in terms of energy, they both share virgo’s because mercury plays such a huge role, virgos are all about intellectual attraction and practical actions. and venus, the planet of love, well, unless virgo and virgo can find patience and tune into the love they have deep down in their hearts, this couple could either be really great or really, virgo personality female, virgo least compatibility, virgo compatibility with virgo, virgo and pisces compatibility.

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