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the summer and winter research programs are coordinated by the student employability centre (sec) in conjunction with univeristy of queensland (uq) research units and provide an opportunity for motivated and high achieving uq students to participate in an educational research experience. in doing so, students have the opportunity to further develop and apply their degree specific knowledge whilst developing valuable research and professional capabilities. further support is available through a range of professional development workshops, networking sessions and opportunities to present the research. if you are graduating in the same semester that the summer or winter research program is due to commence you won’t be eligible to participate. this will result in you not fulfilling condition (b) of the eligibility criteria. this will depend on whether you can demonstrate enrolment in your new program of study prior to the summer or winter research program commencing. the decision to accept your application will reside with the research unit you apply to.

yes, however this depends on the specific requirements of each project and/or research unit. we recommend you read the project listing and check the research unit’s website first, then contact the unit coordinator if in doubt. please upload your unofficial uq studies report and the academic transcript from your previous institution to demonstrate your academic merit. where this is available, the applicant may be required to enrol in a course before the commencement of the research project. please contact the specific research unit for further information and consider liaising with your course coordinator too. students may be eligible to participate in more than one round of the summer and winter research programs during their studies. as outlined in the ‘how to apply – check your eligibility’ section of the website, only students enrolled at the university of queensland can apply to participate.

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