uic kinesiology waitlist

due to the high demand for anatomyâ and physiology courses, students outside the college of applied health sciences must place themselves on a waitlist to be considered for a spot in the class. overrides will be given to students on the waitlist corresponding to the number of available seats in the class. all students who sign up by 5 p.m. the last day of finals week will be given the same consideration for the override. students who sign up after the deadline will still be considered, however on a space-available basis and according to the original qualifications (educational goal, grade point average and program necessity). all students will be notified of their status on the waitlist by friday of that week. these have to be done individually, and the process takes time.

the second round of overrides will be given during the first full week of august. you will be notified by email sent to your uic email account when your override is in place and you are eligible to register. please do not contact the department of kinesiology and nutrition or the college of liberal arts and sciences regarding your status on the waitlist.â you will be notified if and when you are granted the override. the lecture is delivered online via the course blackboard site and meets on-campus from 8:00-8:50 am on four fridays during the semester for lecture testing.â  attendance is not required any other fridays.â  the laboratory is held on campus.â  there are 16 laboratory sections spread across the week.â  please choose one that works best with your schedule.â  the dis is not a scheduled section, but enrollment provides credit for discussion time in the weekly laboratory sections. when an override is given for kn 251, it is for the class in general. clicking the link below indicates that you have read and understand the guidelines above. all students enrolled in kn 251 in the fall will automatically receive an override for kn 252 the following semester.â  there is no need to place yourself on the waitlist.

looking to get on a waitlist for one of our courses? you’re in the right place. courses other than kn 251 and 252. (scroll all courses have a waitlist or other mechanism by which to indicate interest in a other kinesiology courses kn 251 – anatomy & physiology with lab – is only offered in the fall semester at uic. ahs has implemented a waitlist option for several of our courses (ahs 200, ahs 375, kinesiology course wait lists., uic kinesiology department approval, uic kinesiology department approval, uic portal, uic bios 350 waitlist, nuel 250 uic.

if you’ve been denied, you’ll be able to put your name on a waitlist. you may also appeal a negative admission decision kinesiology understand the academic requirements, policies, and procedures of the department. (jbalfour@uic.edu) indicating that you have added your name to the waitlist and/ or to check the status if you’re waitlisted, that means you aren’t admitted, but you’ve come closer than many applicants do. we don’t disclose, kn 251 uic syllabus, kn 253 uic, uic course catalog, ahs waitlist uic

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