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“i measure each session with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so i work with each client until they feel they’ve gotten everything they need.” kalinu has just under 300,000 followers on tiktok, an audience of mainly women ages 18 to 35, and credits her content on hypergamy — which she says is 75% of her output — for accelerating the growth of her platform. the growing gap in educational attainment — women are enrolling in and graduating college at a higher rate than men — means that for women in the us, the concept of “marrying up” is not actually that prevalent at all, according to armstrong. jay, a social media manager from london who runs her own platform called miss hyperglam, was inspired by the hypergamy and femininity content she was consuming online, but still felt that there was more to be said, particularly given her experience as a black woman in the dating world.

it’s me responding to followers and helping; i’m not ruling anything out for the future, but it was never my intention in the beginning,” she told buzzfeed news. “i’m very honored and i’ve talked to a lot of them and they said, ‘i’m just so glad that you’re spelling it out that it’s possible for me.’” even when presented with current demographics and the realities of her own privilege, réan said she is an optimist who doesn’t believe anything is out of reach for those who are clear on what they want because, in her world, you can always “polish yourself.” “you can always learn about good manners. “in any kind of class rotation, there’s going to be more awesome women than there are men and there’s no need to marry down,” armstrong said.

an l.a.-based “dating coach” is under fire online for the problematic and sometimes downright manipulative advice he’s known to dole out to his 375,000 tiktok followers. the friend zone ???? #fyp#foryoupage#foryou#fy#4upage#4up#4u#4wtf#feminismfeminist#trending#trendy#trend#viral#virall#no#yikes across multiple tiktoks, melle has ripped hatley for his shady dating advice videos, which have recently included advice for men on how to escape the “friendzone” and how to “convince” your girlfriend to have a three-way.

“when women talk about hating men and that men are trash, he is a prime example of what we’re talking about.” “russell’s content is pretty similar to other pickup artists on the internet, as in its pointless and misogynistic,” connor says. in january, an australian bookstore had to beg clients of a local service to stop using its facility as a practice ground for “pick-up” techniques. here’s what an expert had to say on the mistakes you may be making.

discover short videos related to best dating coaches on tiktok. watch popular content from the following creators: datingbylion(@datingbylion), dating coaches who preach hypergamy and femininity say they can teach women how to “marry up,” even though the data shows women are overall the best place to unload the good, the bad, and the toxic about dating these days? datingtok. but this is still tiktok we’re talking about,, tiktok relationship advice girl, tiktok relationship advice girl, relationship advice tiktok guy, tiktok janette xzeto, alexis germany.

tori gordon. tori gordon is a coach and motivational speaker who teaches courses on building healthy relationships and understanding your emotions. her tiktok videos are about dating with intuition, learning from your past relationships, and prioritizing healing and self-growth in dating. the media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. 1. janel vitale 2. michelle russell hatley, the founder and ceo of “get coaching inc.” according to his linkedin, has been the subject of multiple takedown videos over the past few days, what we can learn from tiktok dating coaches ; 2. janel vitale talks about sex in relationships ; 3. kaity rodriguez teaches us about mental, i wish i lived in the 60s tiktok, what is tiktok even, tiktok of guys putting on chapstick, whatever daddy wants tiktok.

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