the couple’s guide to intimacy

when sexual addiction surfaces, there is a strong sense that the relationship will never be the same again. this is undeniably true. another truth is that there is built-in potential for healing that would not otherwise be there were it not for all the pain of the betrayal. not all couples choose to rebuild their sexual and emotional intimacy from the ashes.  those who do often find themselves wondering, “what should we be doing now?”  sexual reintegration therapy provides a structured program that directly addresses this central question. it offers a step-by-step plan to help couples rebuild relationship stronger than it has ever been before, both inside and outside the bedroom.​ important: if you plan on using this book with your loved one, you should each have your own copy of this book. this way, you can write in the sections

in the early stages of recovery, when the betrayed partner is reeling in pain and has often been manipulated, it doesn’t feel safe to make changes to support the relationship. also, this can be helpful if the couple is pursuing a formal therapeutic separation and need guidance from a couples therapist on how to implement this logistically. the bercaws’ approach helps to completely overhaul the experience of sexual intimacy in a recovering relationship.

a lack of sexual information, particularly in more rigid home environments, can lead to a lack of knowledge about sexual response and experience. these influences need to be acknowledged and addressed before true sexual intimacy can be experienced. if you’re looking for additional support in understanding how you can grow in the area of sexual intimacy in your recovering marriage, bill and ginger bercaw’s book and their method of sexual reintegration therapy offer useful and practical tools to revolutionize your relationship.

as psychologists specializing in treating sex addiction, our jobs require us to work closely with people whose lives have fallen apart. not all couples choose to rebuild, and that is always a very personal decision. this item: the couple’s guide to intimacy: how sexual reintegration therapy can help your relationship heal from the living room to the bedroom: the modern we wrote this book to help couples in recovery from sexual addiction to heal their emotional and sexual intimacy. we released it in late 2010, and it seems to what you can do to reconnect with your partner and make your marriage work. inspired by the award-winning poet and actor’s acclaimed one-man play, a powerful, .

the founders of the california center for healing in pasadena wrote a book called the couple’s guide to intimacy. visit our site to get your copy today. this book is for those who do, and then often find themselves wondering, “how can we have a healthy sex life after sex addiction?” we have answered this in the couple’s guide to intimacy, bill and ginger bercaw give an answer to these “what next” questions. they outline the sexual, .

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