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the taurus man is a bit of a slow learner and his actions are also delayed due to the long time he takes on deciding on things. in a relationship she usually proves to be a perfect match for taurus man because she gives him the supreme power and stays beside him to love and support his all deeds. she requires the outward display of affection, and knowing that he isn’t much for words revels all the more in his physical expression of love to make up for it. we got through a hurdle initially of painful feeling as his came back, as a grudge he came to hold was evident on how i’d hurt him the last time, and he’d just say i didn’t understand, but not tell me directly what i did. i feel exactly as i had early in when we first met, but even closer and it’s continually growing. he don’t even like the relationships that i have with my own family i’m currently talking to this taurus guy and we’re friends at the moment. we share the decision making process but i am happy to let him take the lead and be the man of the house and handle things. he treats me like a goddess but i equally treat him like a god and we respect and trust each other with every aspect of our lives. i would love to speak with some other libra women for advice and such. the chemistry is out of this world, he is moody and doesn’t speak much, but i manage to bring light and laughter to him naturally. i believe taurus man with libra woman is good and perfect match,just be polite and gentle to libra,and hug her adore her be loyal,she will find in you the heaven. i do not think that the taurus man is good for a libra woman at all. i wasn’t looking for a relationship since i had just separated from my high school sweetheart and the father of my son. the one thing i can’t get over is the 3 backhands i took to the face in 3 years…its time for me to go and get on with my life. cause i feel im on a different level and he is stalling behind. thus, courtship will be a necessary component of any romantic union and since both have this need, they fit well together…see /taurus-man-love-compatibility/taurus-man-libra-woman/ another level of experience for me…its just perfectly said in words… @coaff comment is pretty amazing coz i had all that in my life and living with it taurus man and libra women are addicted to each other it’s as simple as that!.. he is content and wants to relax with her after a hard weeks work. and this is not just about one or two taurus males but literally every taurus male i have met has a terrific sense of humour but somewhat specific to his profession, likes and the dislikes. if taurus has stronger water elements in chart, he would be leaning towards scorpio and if he has more air elements he would be leaning towards libra. we did a lot of research on vedic astrology and compatibility before my libra sister’s wedding. before that i had a hit and miss relationship with him. it was the first-time i saw my taurus heart-broken and dejected like heaven had fallen. i did not see my taurus for rest of the day in office. i did date a few other guys as well like friendly dating – gemini, aquarius (good for increasing knowledge) and leo (i thought leo would be better than the taurus i had fallen for but wasn’t the case to be, he would demand complete attention to what ever he spoke wtf i got bored of him. i did something unlike what libra would do, i approached him point blank and asked him to come to the terrace.

i later learnt he was going to purpose me the every day he saw me with that sagittarius. my sister is a libra and i am a scorpio. i have taurus who is md, and had another taurus who was jd, both are very handsome and educated, they both have great friends and respected person, but in term of relationship or looking for a woman, they have no clue what they doing. i decided to go ahead and divorce her while she is serving 23 years in prison for attacking me in my sleep with a pipe because the news paper was still the driveway. i wanted him to make a stand without me in his life. it was and still is the purest of love that i have experienced. i am a 28 year old libra woman and my most recent ex is a 33 year old taurus male. prior to the 2 years i met another taurus man who is 37 now, he is a taurus rabbit and i am libra pig, btw so is the 25 yr olf a taurus rabbit. but alas, the man i married cheated on me with some other woman and even have a baby girl! and i wish that he didnt care about the age difference so much, but he is from a different culture and it is a big deal in his culture. and i am patient enough to give him his space really but sometimes it just makes me wonder is he really in to me. i was dating a taurus man and i am the libra woman. i am petite and he is 6’2″, strong, he was a heck of a powerful force to be reckoned with. though i confessed my love for him, he still refuses to admit that i was and still am the woman. im a 29 year old libra and i started talking to a 23 year old taurus in the beginning of january and we connected instantly. i met a taurus man online and at first i was my attracted at all and blew him off but then we went out and had a good time. as a libra woman, i had to except the fact my taurus man has his set ways, and excepted them for what they were. i am a female libra and dating with a taurus man for over a month. i love and care for him and he feels the same about me. !we both always seem to work this relationship out one way or another i am a libra and i had a relationship with a taurus man. what he doesnt know is that as much as he is possesive of me i would one day love to tackle my taurus man down and tie him by the horns.. very on it.. im a libra women married of 3years.. we are happy.. we do have our arguments but who doesn’t? but now i am with my new taurus man and he is a taurus to a t! am a libra, my baby is the famous taurus when we started out it was iffy, he bought me roses at 2 in the morning, and then it was rocky, i moved to a nother state to start over after 2 years we came together. i was over the moon, i adored her, i thought the absolute world of her and would have married her in a heartbeat. i met my taurus and i am so happy being treated like a princess. i want a relationship with him already but it seems like he doesnt want me that much.

in this post, we’ll be dissecting the taurus man and libra woman love match to see if it’s a relationship that’s worth it for you to invest yourself in. from their first meeting, the taurus man is attracted to the libra woman’s physical beauty. although the taurus man likes to keep things conventional, he’s turned on by her willingness to please him in the way he wants and needs. the libra woman is turned on by his ability to bring more stability and luxury into her life. as a sexual goddess herself, the libra woman is intrigued by his ability to please her body in ways she’s never experienced before. here are some of the traits that make the taurus and libra dynamic such a delight in bed:  slow and steamy.

for example, if the libra woman had a long day, the taurus man would run her a bath and then release her stress in bed. the taurus and libra pairing interesting is their shared planetary ruler, venus. taurus is a fixed earth sign, and libra is a cardinal air sign. overall, taurus and libra are great for a fling, okay for a relationship, and good for the long haul. libra needs to be patient with his pace about commitment and relationships. the taurus man does not live in a fantasy world. the libra woman may need to ground her ideas into something more traditional that the taurus man can understand to get on the same page together.

libra women create harmony and warmth everywhere they go, and taurus men are lovers at heart. to connect, support each other’s dreams, get a libra woman is a true mate for the taurus man as they both have equal sense of responsibility in the relationship. he can often fall into introspective taurus and libra are two sides of venus, difficult to reconcile. if they win the odds and manage to find mutual understanding, they will become a beautiful, taurus man libra woman reddit, taurus man libra woman reddit.

the taurus man libra woman love compatibility will be an interesting love affair, as they are both empathetic and tender which makes it easier to form a better relationship. the libra woman is a lady full of love, serenity and composure. this is quite attractive to a taurus man who is a bit restless and stubborn. his material stability. the libra woman is not a gold-digger, but she does like a man who can spoil her and give her all the small pleasures she a taurus man and a libra woman enjoy passion and intimacy as a couple. it is a part of their marriage or relationship that they both appreciate and encourages attraction and compatibility between a female libra and a male taurus taurus man and libra woman are an interesting and well-paired love match, .

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