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for that, we have the occupational safety and health act and a humble but mighty woman named susan e. harwood to thank. this was a good sign; however, the standards and regulations written to protect workers were written in technical language that was difficult for workers and employers to interpret. after two years working as assistant professor of biology at stephen f. austin university, dr. harwood received a leave of absence and moved on to work with the osha office of health standards.

according to elisa braver, an osha colleague mentored by susan, the fact that a major federal training program was named in her honor demonstrates “the high esteem and affection in which she was held by her colleagues at the agency.” [4] between 2000 and 2017, nearly 1.5 million workers received training through the susan harwood grant. in 2018, 74 organizations shared the annual $10.5 million grant to provide targeted topic training, education, and training materials development. that’s all thanks to dr. susan e. harwood, a hard-working but relatively unknown woman whose legacy of advocacy and compassion lives on through the improved opportunity and well-being of workers today. i worked in costumes and props for the play.

thanks to susan harwood, employers are required to [1] “death of echol cole and robert walker. susan harwood passed away on in lorain, ohio. the obituary was featured in the morning journal on funding opportunities for 2020 susan harwood training grants closed on july 20. applications are currently under, dr susan harwood, dr susan harwood, susan harwood grant 2020, susan b harwood powerpoints.

susan michael harwood, 76, of farmville, virginia, died on monday, in lynchburg,virginia. the susan harwood training grants program funds grants to nonprofit organizations, of the office of risk assessment in osha’s health standards directorate, who died in 1996. in grants to improve worker safety and health as part of its susan harwood training grant program,,

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