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some, like pelican bay prison in california, keep over one-third of inmates in solitary. as brought out in the video below, solitary confinement usually means spending between 22 and 24 hours a day alone in your cell. a concrete slab with a thin mattress is your bed, and perhaps three times a week, guards shackle you for a 15-minute shower. one of the biggest concerns (in addition to that whole torture thing) is that the reasons inmates are sent to solitary confinement can be pretty arbitrary and subjective. or for the infamous “gang affiliation,” a catchall phrase that pretty much means anybody can be sent there for any reason. arnold schwarzenegger is a badass in the movies, but he’s increasingly building a reputation as a heroic “action star” in real life. on the surface, that may sound like just about the least unique or original jumping off point for a story. the united nations is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great challenge, including the worst global health crisis in its history.

or will it lead to greater divides and mistrust? anti-masker conspiracy theorists and entitled people who barge into grocery stores without face coverings have been getting a lot of press recently. but, the good news is that they don’t reflect the views of most americans. “the percentage of u.s. adults who say they have worn a mask in public in the past seven days rose from 51% in early april to the current 86% high point,” the study says. those of us who grew up in the alanis morissette angst era and followed her through her transformation into a more enlightened version of herself may be thrilled to know she has a new album out. such is the pandemic life. but we’ve also seen how those very human moments when kids insert themselves into life are some of the most real and precious. it’s also clear that her 4-year-old daughter, onyx, just sees her mommy as mommy and not as the iconic pop star that she is.

the term shu (pronounced “shoe”) alludes to the housing unit itself and/or the draconian shoe program, nigga! in training day, what did denzel washington mean when he says “shoe program n*gga” in that scene. towards the but prisons in the united states still use these “special housing units,” aka “shu ,” aka the “shoe.” some, like pelican bay, shu meaning, shu meaning, shoe program pelican bay, shu program, shu urban dictionary.

an earlier version of this piece incorrectly referred to the “shoe program” at pelican bay; it is the shu, pelican bay state prison (pbsp) has the only supermax facility in the the result has been the virtual depopulation of the entire shu program, and it is anticipated by some experts the shu program shu program nigga! 23 hour lockdown! i’m the man up, shu meaning in text, shoe program training day, shu meaning japanese, shu meaning in english

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