Service agreement template

Service agreement template is a sample service contract that is confirmed by both parties about the service to be undertaken on agreed terms and conditions. A well designed sample service agreement can help both parties to improve service level and service quality.


Service Agreement Format

Service agreement need to clearly identify the service to be rendered. In your sample service agreement, you need to clearly define the services that are to be performed, and any deadlines for work product or performance. The more detail about the relationship stated in the contract, the lower will be the risk of misunderstanding in the future.

Service agreement need to include the details of technical or financials. If the service rendered is about technical, you need to give details of all aspects of the requirements for the service. business can also specify the way the service is to be delivered, through a specification and objectives other than those related to the level of service.

Service Agreement Template

There are free agreement template you can download for your reference or you can create you own sample service agreement based on your own circumstance using the guidelines.

The first key section in service agreement template is background information. In the section, you need to give details of both parties. You may state: Party A___ is to provide ____service to party B__, Party A believe that Party B has necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services that are needed by Party A.

The second key section in service agreement sample is service details. In the section, you need to include scope of work, performance, compensation, roles and responsibilities of both parties. You may state: The term of this agreement will start on ___and will remain in full force and effect until the termination date of this agreement that is ___ but this term can be extended with the consent of both parties to the agreement. Party A has the following responsibilities: ____ (To state service provider’s responsibilities in details), Party B has the following responsibilities___(to state the customer’s responsibilities in detail).

The last key section is payment terms. In the section, you may include: For the services provided Party A agrees to pay to the service provider the amount of $ ___________ per month as compensation.