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on the long run if you’re relatively new to running you can follow any of the prominent marathon training programs with one modification and be pretty well set to run almost any ultramarathon. i am in no way suggesting that you need to run on the course every day or every weekend. what i mean is that you should be prepared for the footing, climbs/descents, and possibly the conditions you’ll face on the course. if you often run hilly trails, there’s no need to design special runs for this – just be aware of the downhills in your training. you don’t want to over do it, but one of the best ways to run better at any race length, and especially for ultras, is to run more. if you are new to ultrarunning and enjoy hitting the track, go for it. even during the peak of training for a focus race, if i feel burnt out i will take off until i want to run again. non-running aspects of training aside from the miles you put in, there are many other aspects of training for your first ultra, many of which i hope to make full entries about in the future. i hope you don’t mind if i add you to my blog roll.-bryon thanks for the helpful info, chris. i’m in the beginning stages of training for my 1st 50 miler and am looking at a possible snag near the end i was hoping you might weigh in on. i make it to the mountains once a month and try to run a lot of hills while there. the amount of useful information is truly brilliant.the best compliment i can give is that if it was a magazine then i’d happily pay for it.look forward to meeting you (and running in your dust trail!!) give that you’d be doing less of your training on the run, i think a mid-week moderate to long run and long runs on the weekend will be key. a coaching client of mine brought this to my attention as a point of discussion… and i have a couple of comments that i’ll post separately in hopes someone actually reads mention speed work not working the right system and say “faster track work would have very little benefit to an ultrarunner.” i do agree the long run is the important training session in the week for the average runner trying to run their first ultra. i try to get in some carbs quickly after a shorter hard run and jack up the protein (as a vegetarian) after a quad busting workout.btw, hart, i’m not trying to be dismissive on either of these points.

i have been reading ultramarathon training articles on the web, but yours is the most logical and informative, and will be my guide to training. i had been tempted to do the red rock 50k in utah but think i will substitute one of the finger lakes 50k races for my first year and save my quads. i spent a lot of time on the internet trying to understand the dynamics of this challenge and in the end i was very satisfied with the results. it’s far better to sacrifice a few minutes worth of pace in order to get in the fuel. the only other option i have is to get up about 3 a.m. for the long runs during the week. i know inside of me i will find a way to survive the 100 miles. i have a couple of questions – will my current training regimen be sufficient for the 50 mile race? in the 60 days i had to train – never having run a marathon or even half marathon – i climbed a lot of hills. i got a night splint (which helped–used it for the first time last night) and also the prostretch device, but i’m somewhat skeptical that this thing is really going to heel with the rest of the training that i will need to get in. if you were in my shoes, and you “had” to run the race no matter what, how would you go about training/resting from this point forward? i have a goal of running an 50 mile utramarathon in july 2012. before that i have plans to run a 15 miles trail race next weekend, possible 50 k in sept. and a marathon on oct. then comes the mn winter – my question is — what advice do you have as far as crosstraining to prepare for a 50 mile? i think there is some benefit to “running tired” now and then, the idea behind the back to back long run. but, then i began training for a 60k (same elevation) and upped my training to 50-60k per week(still not as much as you)…and i felt pretty tired all the time and grumpy. i have tried subbing a really big leg w/o for a run and have had great results in the subsequent run but that is pretty tough for trying to really work up the weekly mileage. i downed a gel/gu after about an hour and half of running. i know i need to be getting more consistent and each run i try for 6-7 miles and then get a really long run on the weekend like 15-16 miles.

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