sales agreement template

A sales agreement template is an document between the two business organizations and entrepreneurs to commence a sale or purchase relationship. It is important for business to negotiate the terms and conditions in the sales agreement as it will have legal consequences on your business transactions. A professional design sample sales agreement can help both parties go through the business transaction smoothly.


Sales Agreement Format

Sales agreement contract is often drafted when the two parties finalize their negotiation terms and conditions. It is important for business owners to go through the details in your sales agreement as every word has potential legal consequences, and careless errors could result in expensive litigation with uncertain results. Negotiated terms should take into account the legal environment, because courts may discard provisions that conflict with substantive law.

Sales agreement needs to clearly identify the entities of both parties and the main products or services. You need to give details of products or service for your sales contract, If a product with a model number or serial number is being sold, this number should be included. If many products are being sold, a detailed list may be included as an appendix to the agreement.

Sales Agreement Template

There are free agreement form you can download for reference or you may create your own sample sales agreement. In the process of creating your own sales agreement template, it is important to consider the sales agreement form, style and the key elements.

The first key part in sales agreement template is background information. In the section, you may include: the contract NO. the agreement date and the details of both parties including address, telephone number etc. You may add some disclaimer: This Agreement is entered into between the parties concerned on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to develop business on terms and conditions mutually agreed upon as follows.

The second section in sales agreement sample is the products or services. In the section, you may include products or service and the agreement details. For example, It is mutually agreed that Party B shall undertake to sell not less than… of the aforesaid commodity in the duration of this Agreement, The quantities, prices and shipments of the commodities stated in this Agreement shall be confirmed in each transaction, the particulars of which are to be specified in the Sales Confirmation signed by the two parties hereto.

The third key section in sales agreement example is the payment terms. In the section, you may state like this if you are in foreign sales: After confirmation of the order, Party B shall arrange to open a confirmed, irrevocable L/C available by draft at sight in favor of Party A within the time stipulated in the relevant S/C. Party B shall also notify Party A immediately after L/C is opened so that Party A can get prepared for delivery.