Rental agreement template

Rental agreement template is a rental contract that states the roles and responsibilities of both the lessor and lessee for renting house. A well drafted sample rental agreement can help both the landlord and tenant to go through the renting process smoothly.


Rental Agreement Format

Rental agreement needs to consider the location of property. There are plenty of factors to consider when thinking about the location of a property. It is important that you prioritize what’s most important to you in terms of location before signing a rental contract, for example, you may need to consider local amenities, the commute distance to work, accessibility to restaurants and bars, access to public transport, closeness to friends or relatives, crime rates, the local environment etc.

Rental agreement needs to consider the direct and indirect cost and the situation of property. In the process of searching for best available properties, you may ask for the letting agency to help you, you need to know the fees. Also, many landlords may ask for some hidden cost such as repairing cost etc.

Rental Agreement Template

There are free sample agreement template you can download for reference, however, you can create your own sample rental agreement based on your own requirements. In the process of creating your own sample agreement, It is important to include key elements.

The first key part in rental agreement template is the details of both lessor and lessee and the location of the premise. In the section, you may include: Lessee____, Lessor ____, the premise is located at____, the total space is ____.

The second key part in rental agreement sample is the lease terms and requirements. In the section, you may state: The lease will from ___ to ___, Party B agrees to pay party A rent___ per month. The first monthly rent shall be paid by Party B to party A upon the execution of the Contract, after which each month rent shall be paid before the ___ of the month. Party A shall issue a receipt within the three days after receiving the monthly rent. The total amount of the deposit is ___ , which shall be given by Party B to Party A upon the execution of the Contract. If Party B, at the expiration of the Contract, determines not to renew a lease contract, it shall be responsible to pay off all expenses, telephone bill, cleaning fee, electricity fee, air-conditioner charge and management fee. Party A shall fully refund Party B without interest the aforesaid deposit immediately. Any expenses such as electricity fee, telephone bill, sanitary fee, air-conditioner charge, Premises management fee created by or resulting from Party B’s use of the Promises and its business operation shall be borne by Party.

The last key part in rental agreement example is the rights and obligations of both parties. In the section, you need to give details of roles and responsibilities for both parties. For example, Party A guarantees that it will keep the principle structure of the Premises in good operating condition and ensure that all public space and facilities involving the use of the Premises are in good condition and can be used normally etc.