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so who better to take relationship advice from than our parents and grandparents? we asked people who have been married pretty much forever for their best pieces of love advice. ” — beth, married 29 years “love is a marathon, not a sprint. and that is how you stay in a marriage. and don’t assume you know what your spouse is thinking. respect your differences and keep a good sense of humor, even when dealing with routine matters. ” — danny and carol, married for 33 years “the best advice i can give is to apologize when you’re wrong, remind him to apologize when he’s wrong, and don’t take everything so fucking seriously. ” — julie, married 38 years “relish things that are great, enjoy good things, deal with real negatives, and adapt to things you can’t change.

” — urvish, married 30 years “realize that it’s better to be happy than it is to be right. ” — bill and mary, married 38 years “renew your vows to each other in your head every single day, and keep this in mind when things aren’t going so easily. ” — siobhan, married 28 years “i think it’s important to stay friends and have patience! you could be married to any one of 50 different people, and you’d just have a different relationship and issues with each. — geri, married 44 years “tell your sweetheart she is perfect every day of your life. you have to be willing to grow and learn from your mistakes, together. ” — melisa, whose grandparents bret and erin were married 59 years “the most important thing to remember is that you need to have common goals with someone before you get married. ” — benjamin, married 31 years

love yourself first before you commit to another person and make sure the emotion involved is love and not simply infatuation. do not be afraid to fall in love with someone and once you do, never forget the reason why you fell in love initially. many couples enjoyed sharing interests, trying new things together and especially traveling with one another, which all help to keep the love alive. whether it is a kiss goodbye or saying “i love you” every night before bed, it is important to remind your partner of your feelings toward them, especially the intimate ones. according to one resident, “kind people will love you with all of their heart and don’t forget it.” a successful relationship takes teamwork. trust and understanding contribute to a happy, healthy relationship!

be understanding and supportive of each other’s dreams and take one another’s advice. be comfortable enough with each other to express your feelings, most importantly when you’re upset. respect and be true to each other even if opinions may differ. one resident explained how, “you don’t always have to like each other, but always love each other.” working together will help the relationship overcome any difficulties. i completely agree that senior couples are very much caring and loveable towards each other and we can definitely learn a lot from them on how to maintain and keep our relationships strong through ups and downs in life. i feel the same as stephainie i think senior couples are the most adorable ones, their love for each other is like infinity and i loved every part of the article.

never too late to date: senior couples share their top dating advice and tips for older adults senior dating tip #1: join in activities senior along with respect, trust was the most commonly mentioned trait crucial for a healthy relationship. most people mentioned it in the context of jealousy and life is hard, but beautiful. one of the best things about love is the feeling of wanting to melt in someone’s arms. i get the same feeling in, old people s advice about life, old people s advice about life, funny marriage advice from old couples, marriage videos, keeping marriage real can ask meh.

“learn about yourself,” advises cheryl. “take your time and don’t rush into serious relationships, and don’t commit for the wrong reasons.” sean says “dating should be fun and only a little stressful.” he advises you to take your time getting into relationships u2014especially physical ones u2014 before you’re actually ready. always, always talk to one another. that is very important because you lose sight of your marriage if you don’t talk. what’s the sense of two, youtube marriage advice, love lessons 125 years, relationship advice for women, advice for newlyweds.

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