red robin triple r service

after asking for a replacement, that she did not get until she was halfway done with her food, having to come back to our table twice as my girlfriend ask for a few sauces that she finally received, and my fried pickle appetizer coming out after the entrees, i figured the least we would get is a sincere apology. i am now walking out of the restaurant after paying to answer my phone and it be my girlfriend staying the very same waitress was actually bad mouthing us and our table with another associate. we went to red robin for my teenage granddaughter’s birthday and it was disappointing. when they brought our food we ordered more french fries and they brought us two baskets of french fries approximately 15 minutes later and when they put them on the table they told is that they are running low on fries so that was all we were going to get.

the server was wonderful and attentive. this was the first time that we went to red robin since they remodeled the interior and we were disappointed. i would understand it if they were busy, but as i said there were only a total of eight tables that had people at them and there were four servers working that we could see.eventually the first order of fries arrived and there was one basket with approximately 25 fries in it. we were almost finished with our main meal when the other fries finally arrived.the employees were nice, but something (other than the interior of the restaurant) has changed and the service was very slow compared to what it has been in the past.

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