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but alas, instead i am saying it to the entire world. we’ve been at this for a while, also, contrary to what you may think, we are not idiots. i can almost guarantee you that the problem is not our knowledge on the place that we have been almost everyday for the last, i don’t know, [insert a ridiculous number here] of days in a row. there is nothing more annoying than you asking for a crap ton of ranch and then leaving it on the table. i have a go to for when people order like this. in fact, i am using the money that i make at red robin to further my education, and almost every single person that i work with is doing the same thing.

don’t talk down to your server or bartender like we are peasants, because chances are pretty high that we have the same amount if not more education than you do. because you sure as hell aren’t going to hear it from your smiling waitress the next time you walk into a red robin. locals in the caribbean are warmhearted with a zest to live life to the fullest. but i promise you, you are on this earth for a reason. it comes when a certain song comes on or the sun shines through the window just right. i’ve rewritten it a thousand times in my head, but never could quite get the words onto my notepad, but tonight i’m going to sit down and write it. a sector of people that exemplifies the fashion icons who ruled the 2000s, were black women.

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