red robin 10 steps of training

about the only thing that will carry you through working at a chain like rr. oh yeah, and don’t make a habit of drinking to relax after work. it’s about to be the busy season with school getting out. it’s easier on your part, they automatically suggest a 20% tip, and your managers are probably crazy about surveys, which can only be taken after paying on the ziosk. stay away from recommending the $9 apps, they count as an entree and won’t help your check averages. try not to stress out too much over how long your fry refills take to come out of the kitchen, it’s mostly out of your hands anyway. learn your draft selection. i work for one of the only franchises left in the company, so i’m not sure if the way my restaurant operates is the same as how yours will, but i believe in you. number 1 is getting surveys, come up with a pitch that specifically mentions scores of 9s and 10s anything else basically counts against you.

at my restaurant you can practically away with murder if you have a consistent 100% nps, also they base the schedule/sections on the scores, better surveys = better sections. learn your happy hour and always ask for a second round for any drinks that come from the bar. learn the pivot system and use it. learn the pos asap, there are a bunch of burgers, sandwiches apps that are easy to mix up when ringing in orders, don’t guess ask if you’re not 100% sure. your hands should always be full, take food out of the kitchen, bring dirty dishes back to the pit, grab clean dishes on your way out of the pit back to the kitchen etc. if you’re going to the kitchen for one table, check your other tables to see if anyone else needs anything. some people suck, it’s a corporate chain and the 6.99 burgers attract a certain clientele. cover your ass, make sure your doing your shit and don’t let those people get you down. be good to them and they will be good to you.

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red attempts to get the ccps of proteins the wrong way reviews from red robin employees about red robin culture, salaries, benefits, work-life my fiance worked for them for 10 plus years and was treated horribly she couldn’t be discount meals, meeting people, inter-personal skill training. so i just got hired at red robin. just pay attention to your trainer and try to learn as much as you can in your training week. she’s following me step for step. i did the liquor count in the cooler and took 10 minutes longer than i needed., smiling burger red robin

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