quarantine and relationship issues

now that we’re almost one year into the reality of the situation, we’re starting to discover how our relationships are really holding up. on the other hand, the situation can push couples to increase communication and develop a new set of healthy coping skills. those in particularly challenging relationships may feel at a loss for what to do during the pandemic.

“if you feel like you’re biding your time, for a ‘right’ or ‘better’ time to break-up, it’s time to either dig in and address the problem or release yourself from the relationship,” says cirbus. there are certainly relationship casualties happening right now, yet there is also a new focus on forgiveness, communication, and grace for the people in our lives and for ourselves — all enduring hardship in one way or another. “trauma, hardship, discomfort can all add to our resilience, our personal awareness, and the way we engage and appreciate the relationships in our lives,” she says.

lewandowski believes that because couples are likely spending a lot more time together due to quarantine, they are perhaps getting into smaller arguments more colizza recommended creating a new ritual to help create structure around your relationship, which in turn can help with general stress. divorce rates are increasing around the world, and relationship experts warn the pandemic-induced break-up curve may not have peaked yet., quarantine relationship 2020 , quarantine relationship 2020 .

controlling for pre-quarantine problems, relationship quality and family environment, greater partners’ attachment anxiety predicted greater this time of isolation could be a period of great growth or great struggle in your relationship.” missing your significant other after extended time together may become an issue. a new couple who quarantined together, for example,, .

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