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…we outlined the scope of the study, the goals of the study and the methodology we used. remember, the entire study was meant to offer concrete proof that injection molding training pays for itself. using the paulson method of training, we first make sure that everyone has the same understanding of terminology, injection molding machine controls, and basic plastic material characteristics. then we show the relationships between the injection molding machine controls, the plastic’s behavior and the finished molded part properties. they are trained to analyze the problem from the plastic’s point of view and then decide which of the 4 plastic variables must be adjusted to solve the problem.

after much experimentation using fully instrumented molds, he discovered that during the molding process, plastic material ultimately reacts to just 4 basic variables. these are the conditions that control the molded part properties and the stability of your injection molding process. without taking that first step of teaching the 4 processing variables, a molder is going to be handicapped in their troubleshooting and cycle optimization skills. not only that, they will understand which solution is the most economical (i.e. they are… paulson training has 35 years experience in all of the above. when you invest in our training programs, we make sure that the program gets integrated into your injection molding production process smoothly.

training records, so you need to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. at the end of the test the system training on the fundamentals of extrusion blow molding technology, including process and equipment, plastic behavior paulson training’s co-founder and owner don paulson explains part design characteristics at an injection molding plant, injection molding test questions, injection molding test questions, paulson injection molding, paulson test.

this page contains answers to common questions handled by our technical support department, paulson contacts, and talk to one of our seminar training specialists to help guide you to the best seminar for your learning goals. just submit certification: paulson training programs has an excellent reputation for developing highly qualified injection molding,

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