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people are different, and if they can find a path that makes their intimate exploration work better for them, then all the more strength to that journey. the second, would be that this seems like a relationship that’s only half open to me. honestly, am i the only one who finds it weird that we value the opinion of our parents so much? if you are that way inclined, and you find a lover who understands this, it is something beautiful. look, the way i see it, is like spaghettios. well, except maybe on a tricycle, that third wheel is imperative to the overall concept. there was no way i wasn’t going to read the rest of this post.

we are just less likely to cry about it because, if we do cry, we get beaten up on the playground and they steal our lunch money. the first and most obvious argument, would be that your wife is really scary. not to mention, there is nothing sexier than whispering into someone’s ear that “you’re the best i can do”. that said, when it comes to open relationships, i imagine honesty is the best approach. i know it may seem like this bond is the greatest love in all of history, but you can’t really compare this to other people’s relationships, because you’re not directly involved with them. in all seriousness though, this is the most practical application of the open relationship philosophy that i’ve ever come across. ok, now i don’t want to ruin the moment or anything, but i want you to reread this man’s wording.

after having successfully been in one for over 2 years now, a young couple from mumbai is spilling the beans, and busting the myths, about being in an open relationship. “we first met through work, when i was an up-and-coming ad filmmaker, and she was working in a pr agency. it was an extremely enticing opportunity – just that the trip would coincide with her birthday, and she had been wanting to do a big party for the same.” in the end, we did what we had to – i went off to europe, and she warned me she’d take another man as her date to the party. i wanted to break up with her, but there was way too much love in my heart and that was making it particularly hard.” we knew we wanted different things, and our respective ideas of a relationship had begun to evolve as well.

“we’ve been doing this for over 2 years now, and honestly, we’re so much happier than we would’ve been had we been in a conventional relationship all this while. we’d try and spend all our time together – we’d go for a trip on the drop of a hat! that’s where we’re poles apart from each other – he wants to have it all, and i believe that you need to choose one aspect of your life over the others.” i remember waking up with a lot of guilt, yes, but also a sense of peace and calm. “we’re only seeing other people when either of us is traveling, and we have no exceptions to this rule. “i get a fair share of comments and unwanted remarks from everyone, including our close friends. we both make it a point to not let any chatter get to us – it is our relationship, and we know best about how to make it work.”

after two years of marriage, ivan* and his wife, both in their 30s, decided to try dating other people while still remaining together. the relationship started on a pretty romantic yet sexual note. we used to go on romantic dates, night outs and our sex life was steamy. our my husband and i are in an open marriage and the best part is that we love sharing our experiences with each other., .

a frustrated wife has shared a shocking confession, after deciding to make her marriage an open one. the candid admission came as part of a 15. that awkward moment when you’re always awkward 14. mommy issues 13. chocolate metaphors 12. i love her and i hate you 11. the third check out these honest confessions of a couple from mumbai who are in an open relationship. they reveal how they are making it work., .

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