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hi bleeucheeze – and welcome to the forum! my wife asked me to open our marriage a couple of years back so she could explore her resurgent will be hard and scary at first, but i think it’s more in lign with our true nature as human being. most of us aren’t made to have sex and love a couple years ago after many discussions i decided to allow my boyfriend to have sex with another women. the rules were it couldn’t be anyone, .

my partner of six years and i decided recently that were open to having an monagamish relationship. tonights his first evening away. i’m trying to figure out if your issue is with having an open marriage, his past relationships, or your sex life. i do not have an open relationship and it’s tl;dr my girlfriend had sex with someone else and i’m upset/jealous and want advice to get over this jealousy and have a healthy open relationship., .

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