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but it was incredibly frustrating to watch this couple navigate the newness of an open relationship and polyamory without doing the proper work. there’s no ‘i’ in threesome as a title for a movie on ethical non-monogamy is a slap in the face to those who practice it. they’re embarking on a new lifestyle, one that changes the overall dynamic of their relationship. in the first few minutes of the documentary, ollie and zoe state the rules of their “monogamish manifesto.” however, there is no indication in the film that ollie and zoe have real conversation about changes in the relationship.

we can talk about the scene where ollie thinks douching is filling your anal cavity with a bunch of water, holding it for as long as you can, and then bolting to the toilet to expel. this is why zoe and ollie ultimately ended up flailing in passive aggression the whole time. for some reason, zoe cannot fathom the idea of a world where she has kids and two partners. this is where the partnership between zoe and ollie gets unethical. in fact, ollie and zoe’s relationship is the reality for many folks who pursue ethical non-monogamy. but what i have a problem with is this: many people who are against ethical non-monogamy are going to watch this documentary, cosigned by hbo max, and say, “see, this is exactly why ethical non-monogamy is wrong.” they’re not going to understand that this is just ollie and zoe’s story.

members of other polyamorous relationships discuss myths and realities that surround the practice of “consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy.” brent everett is a porn star who performs on webcam. they are now married and in an open relationship. imai and jeffrey are primary partners, with the most time invested and deepest emotional connection in the relationship; roberts is happy to give them space. smith and everett make a connection. they and others stress the importance of communication for a successful relationship with multiple people; jealousy is often an issue. roberts appears in a play that explains polyamorous relationships; her co-star is a puppet. “compersion” is the joy that arises from experiencing a loved one love another.

everett and smith discuss people who are hostile toward their “throuple.” betito and clark discuss the judgement of others. everett has a drug problem and struggles under the pressures of his porn career; his family gathers to support him. jeffrey no longer sees imai and is in a new relationship. he is no longer in the porn industry, and he and pena are still together. she has a new primary partner and is training to be a sex surrogate. in this investigative documentary, we explore non-monogamy and the journey to define a relationship. in this investigative documentary, we explore non-monogamy and the journey to define a relationship. this program looks at why ‘cheating’ is more socially forgivable than discussing the option of non-monogamy or polyamory with those we love.

throughout the entire documentary, ollie describes iterations of his and zoe’s situation as “an open relationship,” or that they are “full-blown there is no “i” in threesome is a modern-day love story, exploring the ups, downs and surprises of an open relationship. 00:00/00:00. after five years of a cold, sexless marriage, a full-time housewife and her distant husband open up their relationship to spice up their love life., .

“when we switched from an open relationship to a polyamorous whom assume the film is a documentary – are finally let in on the secret. two couples enjoy an open marriage, free to sleep with whoever they want. however, jealousy and suspicion soon invades their relationships, as someone who is polyamorous, this hbo max documentary is not only it’s like a step-by-step guide on how not to open your relationship., .

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