open marriage confessions

the candid admission came as part of a reddit thread which detailed how her husband’s erectile disfunction and their lack of intimacy encouraged her to suggest the unusual arrangement. “a few weeks ago i brought up the subject of open marriage with hubby to see what he said. “i really never intended to do it but i have been craving intercourse so badly the opportunity presented itself today,” she said. i just need to talk to someone about it, and no one knows but the guy….. he is single he knows i am married.

“he gave his permission and you didn’t cross any of the boundaries he set up. enjoy it for what it was and may continuing being,” wrote one commenter. as long as she keeps the rules in mind more power to her,” added another. your husband said ok, you are ok with it, no one is getting harmed, practice safe sex and get your freak on.”

most women i know are subscribers to the traditional fairy tale life. since my hormones started raging in high school it always puzzled me how men and women could be faithful to just one person when there are so many beautiful people in the world. alas, despite my fantasies, i have stuck to the script and been the good fairytale wife i should be. growing up, my life was pretty normal, my parents have been married for almost 50 years and the same rings true for most of my aunts, uncles and the neighbors i had as a kid. for most of my life, i only dated and slept with one man at a time and i was so committed to monogamy that i even settled down, married had kids, the white picket fence and all. but after nearly 15 years of marriage and fighting to keep my true desires a secret, i’m ready for a change.

we’re told that monogamy is the only way and anything else is a crazy sin, an affront to god. clearly humans are not meant to be monogamous, which is why so many cheat and seek they affections of others, so why not nip all the lying and manipulation in the bud and be upfront from the beginning? and i bet many of them would jump at the chance to indulge in their daydreams, if they didn’t think it would ruin things, and in an open relationship…it wouldn’t! of course, if he’s not comfortable with the idea i will respect that and stay faithful in our marriage as i have been all these years, but my fear is once he knows how i really feel things will never be the same and our marriage will end. i’m ready to embrace the taboo and i have a feeling that my husband and i are going to have the time of our lives. when you sign up for the ebony newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about all the latest news and updates that are important to you.

1. my husband and i are in an open marriage and the best part is that we love sharing our experiences with each other. he doesn’t mind and i a frustrated wife has shared a shocking confession, after deciding to make her marriage an open one. the candid admission came as part of a after two years of marriage, ivan* and his wife, both in their 30s, decided to try dating other people while still remaining together., .

my husband is great; he’s a loving husband, father and son. the type of guy that sisters who read those “42% of black women have never married” 1. my wife and i have an open marriage. frankly, our relationship and marriage now much better than it was before. now maria and i have been married for six years, and we’ve had several sexual trysts with other people. i believe our relationship is stronger, .

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