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karate is beyond a doubt my most recommended way to get in shape and stay in shape. with that said, variety is the spice of fitness, and so i occasionally augment my karate training with home workout dvd programs. the videos feel like one long infomercial for foam rollers, beachbody trinkets and secret sauce. this is on the list for only 1 reason. tony horton is the ultimate trainer. this is the precursor to p90x. personally i found the workouts disjointed and didn’t satisfy my requirements for a comprehensive home workout regime. these videos are truly hit and miss. the mix of good and bad is why this series rates as low on my list as it does. the only downside to this programming is that all the videos are very similar.

this is a great program from shaun t. i don’t like it as much as asylum because of the coordination required in some of the quick feet drills. it is very good. with its foundation in martial arts training, this is a great cardio routine that again uses one’s own body for resistance training. i am a huge fan of gsp, but i like to see the trainers working to their potential, and gsp caters more to the middle of the fitness pack. all of the videos are different and all of them leave you lying in a pool of your own sweat by the end. there is lots of variety in the program. for people who like to lift weights at home and need (or like) the added motivation of home workout dvds, this program is the bomb! it’s time for quadzilla!” the sets are still geared towards higher reps over greater weights, but this suits my type of training just fine. tony horton is the king of home fitness! this aside, if you are looking for a home workout dvd program, p90x is the place to start. in the intervening years, since this original post, i have cycled through body beast and p90x a few more times.

you don’t need to be a fighter or step into an octagon to take advantage of the mma workout philosophy. drawing starring mma legend, canadian george st. pierre, you know this must be a great program. it is however, labeling it as a “mixed martial arts” workout dvd might not necessarily be what it is., ufc fit, ufc fit, tapout xt, tapout workout, mma workout at home.

former mma fighter joey alvarado hosts this is a workout dvd which consists of mma-inspired drills and shadow boxing top 10 best mma workout dvd . we use big data and ai technology to filter millions of reviews from customer. this will dvds of 2020. you can easily compare and choose from the 10 best ufc workout dvds for you. ript90: 90 day, mma training dvd, rushfit, bas rutten boxing workout 2 minute rounds download, full body mma workout

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