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the movie highlights the contributions that dogs have made to the military and honors the dogs, their hero handlers, and the powerful bond that they share. dogs have been officially serving as four-legged soldiers in the united states military since world war i. known as military working dogs (mwds), they stand side-by-side with our servicemen and servicewomen and are more than just their companions – they are their protectors and actively contribute to u.s. combat operations. according to the u.s. department of defense, there are approximately 2,700 active-duty military working dogs in the u.s. armed forces. all military working dogs and their handlers are trained at the 341st training squadron located at lackland air force base in san antonio, texas. • acute sense of smell, hearing and vision • drive to prey and hunt • sociable • aggressiveness • possessiveness • easily trained • motivated to please in the past, military dogs were considered “equipment” and either left behind or euthanized when they were no longer able to work. in 2000, “robby’s law” was passed that facilitates “the adoption of retired military working dogs by law enforcement agencies, former handlers of these dogs, and other persons capable of caring for these dogs.” save-a-vet is one organization that helps find suitable homes for k-9 veterans. previously handlers who wanted to bring a dog home after their tour duty was over could do so, but they had to pay for the transportation, which is very expensive. this act mandates the return of retiring military working dogs to u.s. soil and the first rights of adoption go to former handlers and their families.

holmdel, new jersey is home to the united states war dogs memorial. the memorial pays tribute to all of america’s war dogs, past present, and future. to learn more about military working dogs, visit the united states war dogs association website. all we needed was a small loan to fix our car and omni came through.” if they could help me with a loan, they can help anyone! they came through in a real time of need!” all loans subject to approval. no official military endorsement of our military loans is implied on this website.

today, there is a huge demand for military dogs — did you know one fully-trained bomb detection dog is likely u.s. army staff sgt. kevin reese and his military working dog grek wait at a safe house before conducting an assault military working dogs facts. 2700+ military dogs. according to the u.s. department of defense,, military dogs, military dogs, what do military dogs do?, military dogs breeds, famous military dogs. [u’ Dogs in warfare have a very long history starting in ancient times. From being trained in combat, to their use as scouts, sentries and trackers, their uses have been varied and some continue to exist in modern military usage.

1. military working dog history. dogs have been involved in armed forces almost as long as have we’d like to pay tribute by sharing some facts you may not know about these hard working canines. dr. stewart hilliard, chief of military war dog evaluation and training at lackland air force working dog spotlight: military dogs. #1 – world war ii saw the first organized deployment of, military working dogs, belgian malinois, types of military dogs, do military dogs get paid

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