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[16][page needed] the studio took on additional debt as a series of owners took charge in the 1980s and early 1990s. [17] mgm was bought by pathé communications (led by italian publishing magnate giancarlo parretti) in 1990, but parretti lost control of pathé and defaulted on the loans used to purchase the studio. mgm was one of the first studios to experiment with filming in technicolor. mgm’s distribution deal with roach lasted from 1927 to 1938, and mgm benefited in particular from the success of the popular laurel and hardy films. although gone with the wind was produced by selznick international pictures, it was distributed by mgm as part of a deal for producer david o. selznick, mayer’s son-in-law, to obtain the services of gable as well as financial assistance to complete the film. this management-by-committee resulted in mgm losing its momentum, developing few new stars and relying on the safety of sequels and bland material. schary’s reign at mgm had been marked with few bona-fide hits, but his departure (along with the retirement of schenck in 1955) left a power vacuum that would prove difficult to fill. in 1956, mgm sold the television rights for the wizard of oz to cbs, which scheduled it to be shown in november of that year. in 1933, ub iwerks canceled the unsuccessful flip the frog series and mgm began to distribute its second series of cartoons, starring a character named willie whopper, that was also produced by ub iwerks. in the mid-1960s, mgm began to diversify by investing in real estate. mgm/ua formed a trio of subsidiaries, the mgm/ua home entertainment group, mgm/ua classics, and the mgm/ua television group in 1982. kerkorian offered to purchase the remaining outstanding mgm shares he did not own to take the company private but was met with resistance.

[48] on march 25 of the following year, the deal was finalized in a cash-stock deal for $1.5 billion,[17][48][51][page needed] and the company was renamed “mgm entertainment co.”. while mgm had to convince parent credit lyonnais to allow the deal, lyonnais was carolco’s main lender thus allowing the bank to collect outstanding debts and extend a new line of credit. [80] mgm attempted to take over universal studios in 2003, but failed, and was forced to sell several of its cable channel investments (taking a $75-million loss on the deal). his turner entertainment group had risen to success in part through its ownership of the pre-may 1986 mgm library. [94] over the next several years, mgm launched a number of initiatives in distribution and the use of new technology and media, as well as joint ventures to promote and sell its products. six days later, mgm was finalizing a distribution deal with sony pictures entertainment to handle distribution of its 4,000 films and dvds worldwide and on digital platforms, including the two upcoming bond films: skyfall and spectre. mgm handles international television distribution rights for the new films as well as its library of existing titles and also retains its in-house production service. [143] mgm in april 2019 made a multi-film non-exclusive creative partnership with agbo films to co-develop, co-produce and co-finance a slate from the mgm library. in august 2019, starz found a film in the agreement on a streaming service which mgm agreed was under the agreement and had it pulled. the street leading to the building’s garage was renamed mgm drive and a large mgm logo, illuminated at night, crowned the top of the building. as of 1998, mgm owned the rights to 5,200 films.

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