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i wanted to get some feed back from someone that has tried it and what the results have been. also, the phat routine gets a lot of plug in all subs here and i’ve tried it with semi-good results (hated the as-is routine). every time i get stronger and bigger. if you don’t already know about him check out a website dedicated to his teachings. i actually did max ot when i first started and still incorporate some max ot training styles in my lifting today. i didn’t see huge size gains but that was back in my early 20’s and did have any kind of diet and pretty much no money for supplements. due to the fact that you’re repping in the 4 to 6 range it really lets you pack the weight on the bar without much worry of fatigue from set to set. the size was good but it didn’t really jive with the physique i wanted.

some draw backs that i did found when a switched techniques, (this is my personal novice at best observations) is that when moving back down in weight to accommodate higher volume training is that my body was very accustomed to lower reps and would fail much sooner then i would of other wise thought possible with lower weight training. my body would fatigue very quickly after the 7th or 8th rep and it took a good while for my body to re acclimate into a higher volume routine. i have seen some size gain in a short period of time. i am going to try this routine for 6 months and then switch back to higher reps. i have started to make changes already by incorporating more exercises than mot suggests just because i am afraid that if i don’t my body will develop unevenly. that’s a pretty asinine statement to make considering you have no credibility. you know who is a pro-natty and scientist?! you know layne is a proprietor of max-ot right? counter to his genius, later in life, mentzer went off the deep end and said training every 14 days was fine.

max ot training overtraining? i’ve been lifting on and off for the last few years, and actually have a decent build also, the phat routine gets a lot of plug in all subs here and i’ve tried it with semi- good results (hated why the hate for max o.t training methods? i’ve been following it for the last few months and have seen fairly significant, max ot review, max ot review, max-ot results, 10-8-6/15 reddit.

hi, i’ve been using the max-ot training style. it focuses on overload and keeps the reps at the low end. about 4-6 per i’m pretty new to bodybuilding (around a year or so) and have been doing the max-ot program for 4 weeks now, seeing 1.1m members in the bodybuilding community. news, articles, personal pictures, videos & advice on everything related,

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