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that’s the foundation of most bodybuilding systems. for max-ot the answers are: maximum, four to six, 30–40, failure, basic. in fact, max-ot may just be the right system for you to maximize gains. the two words most associated with max-ot are heavy and brief. select a weight with which you’ll hit failure at no more than six reps, and choose mostly exercises that allow you to hoist the heaviest weights. the other key component of max-ot is its brevity. brief workouts stay within your “anabolic window.” furthermore, you have limited stores of strength and intensity, and by keeping your training time short, you’re able to bring your best to each set.

for max-ot to be effective, every set needs to be heavy and every workout needs to be brief. at most, do one forced rep to eke out that last rep. the sort of modified hit training mark dugdale did for years came close to max-ot. for max-ot to be effective you can’t just use the same heavy weights over and over again. because your rep range is limited to six, you won’t be getting more reps with the same weight. you tend to plateau doing the same exercises in the same order over and over again, so switch your exercises at least once every four weeks. studies have shown that eight to 12 reps per set is the sweet spot for maximum growth. so do sets of only four to six reps. a favorite bodybuilding maxim is: everything works, but nothing works forever. you may discover it’s not for you long term, or you may find that heavy and brief are your keys to stronger and bigger.

a periodic change in max-ot routines can help you stay mentally fresh and avoid slipping into any potential training ruts. what is the best max-ot workout? train 1-2 muscle groups each workout. performing 4-6 reps every set. performing 6-9 heavy sets for each muscle. rest times are 2-3 minutes. workouts should last 30-40 minutes (30 minutes is optimal for max intensity). each muscle should only be trained once every 5-7 days. these are the rules behind the max ot training methodology. that is, it’s okay to work 3 muscle groups in one workout if 1 or more of the muscle groups worked are “minor†muscle groups, max ot 4 day split, max ot 4 day split, max-ot workout, max-ot training pdf, max-ot cardio.

max-ot features a little more volume than most hit workouts, and, though all sets are pushed to failure, they’re not in order to squeeze the most out of every set, rest between 2 to 3 minutes between sets. if you follow this protocol correctly more on the principles of max ot. training duration. one of the most common errors of people who start, max-ot results, max-ot 5 day split, max-ot review, max-ot training reddit

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