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the challenge for someone who sees dating as a means to marriage is finding and recognizing a marriage-minded dater. likewise, those who are looking for a marriage-minded dater can miss important signs if they fall under the spell of infatuation. when you think about how you want to spend the rest of your life, don’t you want to come home to these qualities? and of course, your character needs to be outstanding, too. the importance of good communication can’t be overstated, as this is the only way you can truly come to know a person. emotional maturity means a person is able to control their emotions, regardless of the situation. they listen to your perspectives and don’t discount your feelings.

and it’s no different for the person you choose to date. if you notice your date talking about the future — hoping, planning, dreaming — and wanting to know your hopes, plans, and dreams, take heart. do they make the effort to stay connected? does your date include you in family functions as though you have always belonged? if your date waits to make important life decisions to consult with you first, they may have marriage in mind. whatever the nature of the difficult time, a marriage-minded dater is naturally going to want to go through challenges together and be a supportive partner. no matter what, you should both know by one to two years where the relationship is headed and have some resolution. if you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with online dating and finally find your true love, then download her free online dating checklist and see how you stack up with your online dating profile.

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