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so, the higher the postnuptial disappointment and divorce numbers climb, the more therapy and solid communication prior to “i do” seem to make sense. express what you believe about marriage and how you think it will benefit your lives. discuss how you are willing to protect and honor your commitment. clearly lay out your strategies for the short and long-term. consider what you both think will be necessary in the way of planning and sacrifice to achieve them. talk about how you hope to support and be supported. how much togetherness and time alone makes you comfortable? how important will personal hobbies, friendships, and family time be in your daily life? be sure you are on the same page regarding your willingness to have and raise children.

how will you handle potential challenges in making that a reality? discuss openly the child-rearing philosophies, values, and disciplinary measures that are important to you. talk about your money histories honestly and share current circumstances openly. take a look at the salary differential between you and your feelings about it. discuss how you imagine your everyday life together. will you live near family or do you hope to make a life elsewhere? consider too, how you might expect the needs of your aging parents to factor into your life together. merging your lives will undoubtedly lead to a measure of conflict initially and throughout your life together. discuss how you will “fight” with more tolerance and less resentment.

couples often don’t have enough relationship education or counseling to learn the skills that are essential for a healthy, stable and happy relationship. so if you make the wise soon-to-be-wed decision to seek premarital therapy and are wondering what is talked about in pre-marriage counseling, here are some key points you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss. premarital counseling topics to cover: how is the division of labor managed in the household?

this is a wide-ranging premarital counseling topic that surprisingly not all couples talk about before they say “i do.” but it’s important to come to an understanding of how each of you feel about having children. other questions she recommends bringing up in premarital counseling include: whether or not friends and family welcome in your home anytime or only when invited, who else will have a key to your home or know where the spare one is hidden, etc. in most cases, yes, you can do premarital counseling from the comfort and safety of your home.

premarital counseling is a helpful way to explore some of the more hard to talk about topics like religion, money, sex, health, career, children **how satisfied are you with your sex life? what do you like and not like about it? what would you like to do more of, or less of, or do differently? how has regardless of which category you fit into, there are some topics you should expect to cover in premarital counseling: how you interact with each, christian marriage counseling topics, christian marriage counseling topics, pre marriage counseling topics, couples therapy questions pdf, premarital counseling topics pdf.

if you are already sexually active, discuss what concerns or thoughts you may have about how marriage may change your sex life. how will you keep things surprisingly, many couples have not discussed family planning before getting married. topics to consider include if and when you, marriage counseling tips, 100 premarital counseling questions pdf.

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