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according to dr. john gottman, the average couple waits for six years of their marriage being in crisis before they go for therapy. the two most important components of marriage are commitment and communication. (do you need the bottom line to feel safe or do you need to use your words and talk through things before you feel safe?) is your marriage a “team” for god’s purposes?what is your god-given redemptive gift? has your communication style as a couple created attachment panic for you and your spouse? through trudy’s decade+ of working with couples, she came to the realization that couples can actually get traumatized by their dysfunctional communication and styles of relating in their marriage relationship. talk therapy cannot get to the depth of these deep-seated relationship issues.

you are required to take the gottman relationship check-up before you attend your intensive. the cost for you as a couple is $29.00. the intensive format for marriage therapy is proven to be much more effective than 50 or 60-minute sessions. there are no group sessions – only the two of you are together in one room. it will grow you not only in your marriage but also you will learn a lot about yourself personally. i am so happy we did this!” “trudy is omnivorous and spirit-led in her approach to counseling. trudy also has her doctorate in biblical counseling and will always refer to god’s word as the source of her information.

are you wanting a personalized retreat that focuses on your specific needs and goals in your relationship? vacation counseling will help you and your partner find a new perspective to face your issues head-on. grow together and come out on the other side with hope for the future. vacation counseling provides an intimate, exclusive, and effective couples retreat – one couple at a time. couple have a team of therapists to aid them, each practitioner bringing a specialized skill set. as a team, we have over 100+ years of experience and utilize a variety of methods for couples, including the gottman method, temperament therapy, solution-focused, “we had a great retreat. not only was the weather beautiful and the excursions fun, my wife and i were able to connect in a way we hadn’t before. the counseling sessions helped us to communicate more openly and understand each-other better.”

a marriage retreat enables a married couple to focus on their relationship, typically located away from the couple’s family members and other commitments. since this couples therapy weekend retreat in charlotte, north carolina is a 2 ½ day intensive using eft, the best protocol available. reserve your. a couples retreat is a designated time away for couples to refresh and reset their relationship. it is a time to be intentional about, .

intensive marriage counseling is a private marriage retreat designed to move you through six months of couples counseling in two or three days. a couples therapy (or marriage) intensive retreat is a long in-depth therapy experience geared towards highly distressed relationships, couples in crisis, experience an all-inclusive weekend with your spouse at winshape retreat while investing in your relationship through a marriage retreat., .

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