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the love calculator provides a score from 0% to 100% that is meant to be an indication of a match in terms of love, based on the names of two people. note that like all other love calculators on the internet, this calculator is intended for amusement only rather than as a real indication of love. love is a word that has a variety of different meanings within different contexts. there are differences in the concept of love even between cultures and countries, making it difficult to arrive at a “universal” definition of love. impersonal love is that for an object, principle, or goal that a person may be deeply committed to or greatly value. it can refer to the love that exists between family members, friends, or couples. there has been much speculation throughout history on the basis of love, some of which try to explain love in terms of a biological, psychological, and even evolutionary basis.

middle-class people go for similarly middle-class types, and we look for those, within our class, who like the same kind of clothes, or music, or environment. some say that we seek people like ourselves to form a more stable union, and to have children like ourselves. but the challenge of the unknown is great. some say that we tend to fall in love with those who are mysterious and challenging to us, because they come to us with a very different gene pool. physical features are important to both sexes, but a bit more so to men. according to louann brizendine, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the university of california, san francisco, and the author of “the female brain, the male brain processes the female image, while the female brain takes in a good looking male, but also shows judgmental activity, thinking about the guy’s character at the same time. it keeps your chemicals hopping, which is why you can’t seem to get the other person out of your head. there will probably never be a science of love, nor any way to calculate what the results will be.

as the first sign of the zodiac, you’re known for relentlessly going after what you want and always striving to be the best. you need a partner who can match your energy and isn’t afraid of a little friendly competition. as the zodiac sign most often in the spotlight, you tend to gravitate toward people who are equally glamorous and fun-loving as you are.

you two are the perfect pair: his determination and compassion is the ideal complement to your practical outlook and interest in self-improvement. she’ll be able to keep up with your creativity and intelligence—and if you’re looking for someone who will whisk you away on a last-minute adventure or stay up late talking about the meaning of life together, she’s your girl.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb you’re one cool customer, scorpio, but under your tough act is a secret soft side. as the hardworking leader of the zodiac, you need a cosmic partner who can motivate you to be your best self. together, the two of you are a fearless and unstoppable pair that are sure to shake things up.

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