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based on a combination of academic research and the real world experiences of my lgbtq therapy clients in long term gay relationships, the following are six practices that can enhance and maintain relationships over a lifetime: the greet: dogs are the acclaimed experts of this practice. with their entire bodies they demonstrate they are grateful that you are a part of their lives. you don’t necessarily have to wag your tail when your partner comes home, but initiating some kind of friendly greeting can be an important ingredient in supporting your relationship. to add spice to a sex life that has become routine you’ll need creativity. fantasy makes what is familiar new and exciting again. this is one aspect of relationship development that requires a spirit of fun: sexual negativity and complaining kills sex drive. the truth is there is no effective long term escape from self-development. at any stage of life–even into your eighties and nineties–you need to keep growing in order to reach greater contentment. this is some version of “how was your day, honey?” try to practice this without multi-tasking.

it is your job to know about some (but not all) of the seemingly insignificant details of your partner’s office gossip, health issues, and favorite pop culture references. you need some friends and activities that are yours and that are not always experienced with your partner. sometimes you may need to shut the door, put on the earphones, or go for a walk by yourself in the neighborhood. if you are not a good communicator then now may be a time to start learning. communication is a skill that can be learned, just like knitting or skiing–it just takes instruction and practice. just a few sessions can enhance a relationship that is already doing well. ultimately what keeps long term relationships strong is paying attention to the emotional bond between you. the work of fostering emotional intimacy – which means feeling free to share your feelings without fearing rejection – can be supported by experimenting with some of the practices outlined here. ready to start feeling better about yourself?

homosexuality has not been considered pathological by mainstream psychiatry since the 1970s, and in the years that followed, gay couples have begun to acknowledge their partnerships publicly. many gay men are still suffering, however, said isay. the main, though not the only, source of their distress, he thinks, lies in the ways their parents treated them as children. mothers who enjoy the sensitivity and shared interests of gay sons may lean too much on them, using them to fulfill their unmet emotional needs. “boys may grow up mistrusting the love of another person and will find many other ways of finding the self-esteem enhancement that they missed in childhood,” said isay.

in his new book, commitment and healing: gay men and the need for romantic love, isay describes how therapy can help provide gay men with insight into the effects of childhood influences on the capacity to commit to a partner. isay published his first book, being homosexual: gay men and their development, in 1989, at a time when he was coming out. he was the first openly gay member of the american psychoanalytic association. “it runs counter to the prevailing doctrines of the gay community that maintain that our relationships are fine, more democratic and better than heterosexual relationships,” said isay. he hopes that his new book will help gay men to examine the patterns of their romantic relationships and perhaps seek the guidance of a therapist attuned to gay issues.

based on research and the experiences of my lgbtq clients in long term relationships, here are six practices that can enhance + maintain relationships for gay men in monogamous relationships: what works? talk about sex. perhaps we learn from the movies that good sex should just happen immediately and happy valentine’s day folks! we’re excited to celebrate this day of lurrrrvvve by featuring a few dads in our community who’ve been together, .

here are nine essential relationship tips for gay couples to enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage. read on to discover the keys to a the key to the elusive and enviable long-term relationship… by paul gallant photo: pierre berge and yves saint laurent in 1998 (getty) yes, dating as a gay, bi+, or pansexual man can be as messy, unfulfilling, and complicated as “queer as folk” makes it seem., .

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