long distance casual relationship

i told him before that i wanted this to be no pressure, casual thing, and whatever happens we could still be friends. then, when we got to the airport, he hugged me and said that he had a good time and wants to see me again soon, either he’ll come down or i can come up. you can make him agree to any pact you want; if his feelings have changed, he probably won’t feel bound by any pact and he won’t tell you that he doesn’t want to continue the arrangement. as in, we will try, and if it goes somewhere, then it does, but if it doesn’t, only then we can decide to be friends. i want to believe him because he said he would be honest.

that is what disappointed me when i visited him – there’s never a reason to be cold or distant, just tell the other person what is going on. it tired me out to hope for more so i left it up to him to get in contact but because it was casual, i don’t really have any hopes that he will contact me back. do you want it to be casual or a committed one? i really liked the guy i was in contact with, i still do, but i have to move on because it was obvious everything was one-sided and it was unhealthy to get so attached when feelings weren’t being reciprocated. every person on the planet has at least 30seconds to spare to just reach out to someone else at least once or twice a day. if it was a relationship that is not intended to go anywhere …meh..why invest?

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the first rule of long distance dating: you have to be better than other couples at communication. twice as good at least. you have to be more casual relationships are less complicated and messy than serious relationships. there are no feelings, emotions or compulsions involved in it. so we pretty much agreed right away that we should not start a serious “boyfriend+girlfriend” type relationship, to save ourselves some heartbreak. for the time, interested in someone long distance, interested in someone long distance, casual long distance relationship reddit, how to keep a guy interested long distance, casual dating meaning.

we’ve been in a casual long distance relationship for 2+ years but we’re both still (equally) nervous about becoming more. when should we just quit? a casual relationship long distance is harder than a committed one because no one assumes responsibility and even though there seems to be no expectations, one casual relationships to being in contact, a long-term committed relationship tend to be older. however, a halt as they get older. for years, apps for long distance couples, long distance date ideas.

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