lesbian open relationship

last year, she went to grad school abroad, and the other day she called with a request: can she have the freedom to sleep with other women even though she doesn’t want to have a relationship with them? i feel like i’m stuck in a bad situation where if i say no she’ll just do whatever she wants or else not do it and resent me, but if i say yes i’m agreeing to something i don’t want and is against my morals. if you are truly invested and committed to staying in the relationship, discuss the possible parameters of opening it up.

adding a casual partner can alleviate sexual tension, provide companionship as well as attention while the two of you are apart and attending to your lives. if you decide it’s just not for you, be respectful to yourself and your girlfriend and end the relationship. stay true to your beliefs and do what feels right for you. when she comes back from her studies you can always try to pick things up where you left off if it feels right.

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in reading the lesbian polyamory reader: open relationships, non-monogamy, and casual sex, you’ll quickly discover that the steps toward love and happiness are as easy as 1, 2, 3, and maybe even 4 or 5. and you’ll find that if your own lesbian relationship lies outside the “traditional monogamous couple” model, you’re definitely not alone. you’ll find successful models of relationship styles–regardless of your own orientation–from cover to cover, and you’ll discover the pleasing polyphony in the many, many female voices of authorities on love and love relationships.whereas other similar studies project the limited view of one or two authors, the lesbian polyamory reader calls upon a broad scope of writers, professional women and academics alike. you’ll see that outside the gay rights movement that currently pushes for a traditional, monogamous marriage model of gay couplehood, there lies pleasing multiplicity in the arms and hearts of lesbians worldwide.

i have happily been the functionally monogamous, lesbian partner in an open relationship for many years (i identify as poly, though, it seems that a lot of lesbians think about open relationships like this, because they’ve either done it or seen others do it. do open relationships work in the lesbian world? sometimes they do, and sometimes they do not. it is the same with gay men and straight, .

are you and your partner considering an open relationship? however, people who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual were slightly more hello! i am a heterosexual man! my wife came out as a lesbian after 30 years of marriage. we have children together and we love each other. regardless of how many ground rules, parameters and well-crafted guides you put in place, an open lesbian relationship may not work for you., .

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