leo man taurus woman compatibility

the association of taurus and leo is a sexually magnetic combination. a taurus woman is more than happy to spoil her leo man with all the comforts that life can afford him, and this definitely leads him to taking advantage of a good situation. he is passionate and demonstrative, and his instinctive role as “king” makes it natural for him to make his partner feel like a “queen”. listening to what you typed, this sounds like one of the good relationships between female taurus and male leo. the fact that you do make decisions, and he is totally willing to “play along”. i love him so and would want to give marriage to him a try and told him so when he asked me again to marry him. i love you so much , and the best is yet to come. as a male leo, i feel like i should reiterate for you and for him. i am a leo man and i really like this taurus woman. and this is cliche but if it’s meant to be it will be. i am a leo man and the taurus female i was with started a year ago. i am a taurus woman and if i do this it means i am not interested anymore. taurus female here with ex leo bf i’m a taurus woman and i can say with almost complete certainty that she is not interested and is probably talking to other people. he may not be taking this as seriously because you two have not met in person for him to feel the actual connection and spark. i’m a leo male & i just started dating this taurus woman and it all makes sense to me now. hanging onto this relationship was the best decision i ever made i’m taurus woman and i’m with a leo male and i can say respectfully the the major issue in our duo is communication. ok all of these taurus females are all over the place in comments in here, i commented to a few of them but . if it comes to a battle of willpowers and stubborness, leo will find out the hard way that he has no chance of beating taurus. all you need to know about leo is that when it comes down to brass tacks, he is her subordinate and would never dare challenger her. being a taurus female and most of my friends being taurus i want to be upfront with you. i found i needed to be single, my relationship at the time was toxic and after meeting my leo and having my head turned i knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore. what you need to realize is that taurus female is the special and amazing one. he would not dare oppose her, but also loved her with all his heart and if his wife is a virgo, or pisces, it’ll never work for them, not in a million years, to many differences. exactly what i would expect a “down to earth” taurus to say….. and ya know what i’ll say back to ya? i’m a taurus woman set up on a blind date with the leo man that i wasn’t attracted to but is definitely the love of my life !! i am a taurus woman and i have been dating a leo man he is great. luckily me and my leo are still going at it, this past june 12th is a year of pure partnering. 17 years together and now with kids i’m struggling as a taurean woman to give the attention my leo man needs. i’m a taurus woman and i’ve been with my leo boyfriend for 10 months.

i was with a leo man for 5 months… he said he would do everything for us to be together but he backed out and admitted that he’s not a man of his words. i am a sucker for routine and consistency. yes, he do have a playful side but it’s not to the extreme and i love it. but has taken me across the world, i have to go to all the work and family functions. trust is a must as a leo male i personally can tell you, we are not all lazy, especially when it comes to parties. what should i do to make him fall even more and what should i avoid.. i’m a leo and i’m also a dom. i have read a lot of posts that have rated this combination low, and this is the only page that has beautifully explained all the characteristics. the chemistry between me and my leo is all consuming. but we feel like it’s too good to be true kinda.. be consistent and let her know this is the real you (no games) i’m a taurus woman and i am dating a leo man. our drive and ambition individually is nothing to what i feel like we will accomplish together. although we are aware of our major age difference, we understand that a future for both of us is completely unrealistic, and i love him too much to have him for myself. this is my boyfriend and i almost to a t! i am a leo and my wife is taurus. luckily, he is so charming and hot (with a capital h) that it’s hard not to praise him. he is already talking of moving near me so that we can be together and i welcome the thought. i am 100% committed to him and he is too. being patient and true, honesty all the way, is the way to this mans heart. never have i had passion like this… a true soul connection… he allows me to be me’ i love the leo man! i have never been in a relationship with a taurus and i have realised that i love this taurus woman more than i have ever loved before in any other relationship i have had and she means the world to me. first i would like to start by saying that this leo guy and i met online at the end of feb, around the 20th. i finally decided to give it a shot and i must say, he is the love of my life. i have now been with my leo man for 3 months and words cannot explain how i feel about him. and now married to a leo. he is a good provider and willing to please. god i love my leo man and it’s nice to see that our relationship can work out as long as we out effort into it together. ???? i have been with my leo man for about 2 yrs now and it has def been a roller coaster ride. but i really hate it whenever we get into an argument, she would never take the time to really calm down and see if she has any faults. but he is the most amazing human being i have ever met in my life, bar none. i am engaged to a leo man now, we have been together for 3 years and it has totally been a long-distance relationship. i am in love with a leo man and although we are not together anymore i can relate to this.

they both want security and someone loyal to be next to them for the rest of their lives. because the taurus woman is a traditionalist too, she will like everything he does. the taurus woman in love can be possessive and jealous. if they both let go of their stubbornness, they will be a very happy couple. because the taurus woman doesn’t like to fight that much, it’s more likely she will be the one who’ll give in first when they have a fight. she will be busy doing something else, and he will end up controlling only his half of the relationship.

both the leo man and the taurus woman believe in marriage and want to commit for a lifetime. because they both have a knack for class and luxury, they will want to buy the most expensive things. as they have respect and pure love for each other, they will be able to be together forever. and they will be very generous with the efforts they are ready to invest. if she remembers to compliment him, they will be much happier. patience is what the taurus woman needs to have in the relationship with the leo man. the more he keeps the grandiose gestures to himself, the more she will like him.

the duo of taurus woman and leo man is a true deity of romance and passion. their love is stronger than iron and smoother than silk. they have a very deep bond a leo man and a taurus woman love spending time together so their bond will get very strong quickly although they are both stubborn and will taurus and leo are both representatives of love, one of them earthly, sensual and quiet and the other one fiery, passionate and loud., leo man taurus woman sexually, leo man taurus woman sexually, leo man taurus woman love at first sight, leo man taurus woman famous couples, why is leo man attracted to taurus woman.

the taurus woman and the leo man are affectionate by nature which means that they will enjoy spoiling and doting on each other, so when things are going well taurus brings compassion to the bedroom while leo brings passion. as each enjoys foreplay and lusty action, taurus is a fixed earth sign, and leo is a fixed fire sign, the taurus woman leo man compatibility gets a two hearts rating. this match between the taurus woman, taurus woman leo man soulmate, taurus woman leo man fight, taurus and leo compatibility percentage, leo man and taurus woman break up.

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