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look for a trainer who is certified by a reputable group, such as the american college of sports medicine or the national strength and conditioning association, says avery faigenbaum, a professor in the college of new jersey’s health and exercise science department. pick a trainer who is knowledgeable and fun to work with, yuam says. yuam’s fitness video, the werewolf workout, features people of different heights and builds doing the same exercises to underscore that machine settings must fit your body size to prevent straining. yuam says that at the end of a workout, lautner would ask him, “you mean we are done?” “the resistance program should be no longer than 50 minutes with [an additional] 15 minutes of abdominal exercises and 10 minutes of stretching,” yuam says.

it’s about becoming a fitter, healthier version of you. “you also want to keep in mind — this is very, very important — that you may want to look like a certain person. you have to be your own version of whomever,” yuam says. it may take you longer to see results than your friend. remember, there are no shortcuts, and eating a healthy diet is a must. “taxing the body by doing too much sabotages one’s goals,” yuam says, while leading to burn out both mentally and physically.

taylor lautner’s personal trainer jordan yuam shares the latest tweets from jordan yuam (@jordanyuamvfc). jordan has been a fixture in the world of fitness and justin’s personal trainer in 2010 is called jordan yuam. justin isn’t the first celebrity that, jordan yuam werewolf workout, jordan yuam werewolf workout, taylor lautner workout routine.

to your advantage,” says jordan yuam, lautner’s trainer and the owner of jordan’s virtual fit club. according to jordan yuam, lautner’s personal trainer and founder of jordan’s virtual fit club. to get a cut stomach, trainer jordan yuam guided lautner from meek to muscular. here, he shares the keys to lautner’s,

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