intj marriage

once you know your personality type, you can then learn more about how this type interacts with others in interpersonal relationships, how they perceive the world around them, and what guides their decision-making mechanisms. for employers, this information is helpful to understand how to best manage and inspire all types of employees. they are strong strategic thinkers, excelling in analysis and critical thinking. they love to organize systems and make things work more efficiently. intjs struggle to find the right person for a romantic relationship. the intj is a rare personality type and may take a long time to open up completely to a friend or partner. in that way, if you are in a relationship with an intj, you can always trust that what they are communicating to you is the truth. in a time of need, and intj will drop everything and be there for you.

this is their sacred space, the place they go to reenergize and tap into their own resources. intjs need their alone time to plan and strategize (two things they thrive on). they are merely not as expressive as other personality types. they not only like their partner’s physical appearance, but their mind is as highly attractive to them as well. in a discussion with their partner, the intj will ask a lot of questions, as they need to gather data for later analysis. if they sense their partner is hurt or suffering, they will do everything they can to find the source of that hurt and to fix it. if you are someone that pouts or prefers not to work towards compromise with your partner, the intj is not a good partner for you. because intjs are in constant analysis mode, this may make their date feel like they are being observed in a laboratory.

they are constantly embarking on “fix-up” projects to improve the overall quality of their lives and relationships. however, intjs are in general extremely capable and intelligent individuals who strive to always be their best, and be moving in a positive direction. they also have a tendency to believe that they are always right. if this is a problem for an intj, they should remember to sometimes let their mate be the one who is right, and to try to be aware of the emotional effect that your words have upon them. although, the intj who has learned the importance of these kinds of expressions to the health of their relationship is likely to be more verbally affectionate. intjs are able to leave relationships when they’re over, and get on with their lives.

in terms of relationships, their greatest potential pitfall is the tendency to think about things rather than doing them, and their difficulty reconciling reality with their inner visions. they want their kids to think for themselves and make their own decisions, and so are likely to give them room to grow, and to challenge their decisions and thoughts at key points in their lives. this is a problem area for the intj, who should consciously remember to be aware of others’ emotional needs. those who are close to the intj will highly value them for their ideas and knowledge. the intj is not likely to choose to spend time with people who they feel don’t have anything to offer the intj. not to imply that intjs are snobbish, just that some people with strong feeling preferences may perceive them that way.

important to know when dating an intj they are very loyal and dedicated to their partner. they support and believe in the dreams, goals and intj’s, what is your position on marriage? intjs believe in constant growth in relationships, and strive for independence for themselves and their mates. they are constantly embarking on “fix-up”, intj girlfriend, intj girlfriend, intj wife, how to win an intj woman, intj boyfriend.

most of the problems in a marriage are due to selfishness and miscommunication and intj’s definitely prize open-communication and honestly. in true intj fashion, i’ve created a checklist of seven crucial items, based on input from a group of 25 intjs. secrets about intj relationships. at your worst together, you’re all head, and no heart. building trust and intimacy in this pairing can be difficult, as you tend to challenge each other more, intj divorce, intj worst match, best match for intj male, intj needs.

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