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“sociologists and demographers know that a college education nearly doubles the survival rate of marriages; now psychologists need to understand why this is true.” for more than 10 years, karney’s lab has followed hundreds of ethnically and racially diverse heterosexual married couples with varied income levels. the difference between richer and poorer couples is not in what they want, but in their ability to pursue their goals. essentially, their ability to connect and have a good conversation is hampered by the fact that their circumstances are more likely to be unstable and stressful.

one thing i’ve learned is that we know less about the normal course of marriage than we originally thought. for couples with fewer material advantages, the partner’s ability to provide for the family, remain employed, care for the children, or refrain from substance use may be just as or even more important than the way they treat one another. perhaps we might help these couples experience more intimacy if we reduced the stress in their lives with programs that address the effects of income inequality directly, such as raising the minimum wage, adjusting the earned income tax credit, or easing access to health care and child care.

bradbury and karney’s intimate relationships introduces students to the study of intimate relationships while using a critical thinking approach that encourages them to interact with what they read. in the age of texting, sexting, and swiping right, technology has transformed the way couples create and maintain intimacy. to help students think critically intimate relationships: bradbury, thomas n., karney, benjamin r.: 9780393920239: books. a diverse look at intimacy across couples and cultures. understanding relationships requires that students recognize how varied the experience of intimacy can, 9780393640250 pdf, 9780393640250 pdf, benjamin karney ucla, libgen, library genesis.

for the past 25 years, dr. karney has been studying change and stability in intimate relationships, especially in the early years of we have found that couples at all levels of socioeconomic status want more or less the same things from their intimate relationships: passion, in the first lecture professor karney starts with a story of the frustrated intimate relationships of genius albert einstein and then sets out to define, .

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