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the purpose of this program is to support niosh tpgs, to address the burden of osh in the united states by providing state-of-the-art training for the next generation of leaders in osh practice and research. the ih program is administratively housed in the environmental and occupational health section of the college of public health. the occupational medicine residency program is a 2 year institutional program that supports the completion of residency requirements in occupational medicine. the purpose of the murray state universityexternal icon training program is to strengthen the academic and professional preparation of our undergraduate and graduate-level students in occupational safety and health. the program is in the department of industrial and systems engineering (ise) in the russ college of engineering and technology.

faculty for the program are well-qualified in this area as well as in the component areas of occupational safety research and field practice. therefore, the purpose of this training program is to provide formal graduate training in ohp to prepare students for academic positions as well as non-academic research positions in government and other entities, and to prepare graduates for jobs in applied occupational safety and health environments. the philosophy of the program is to accept students with a solid background in the basic sciences, provide them education and training in ih core disciplines (e.g. the niosh training project grant has a primary aim of increasing the number of minority and disadvantaged students in the field of industrial hygiene. a key goal of our program is support the niosh goal of supplying qualified professionals who move on to careers that focus on occupational safety health, through both research and practice. the ehs program is assigned administratively to the department of public health within the college of health and human services.

funding opportunities for 2020 susan harwood training grants closed on july 20. applications are currently under osha has $4.7 million to offer in health and safety training grants and is looking for ways to spend it. osha is soliciting applications for the susan harwood training grant program, which has $4.7 million available to nonprofit, community and faith-based organizations, employer associations and labor unions. grants for education and training programs to help identify, avoid, and prevent unsafe working conditions in and around, osha safety grants, osha safety grants, osha research grants, osha grants 2020, susan harwood grant 2020. [u’ The grants will fund training and education to help workers and employers identify and prevent workplace and safety hazards\u2014including the coronavirus. The following are funding opportunity categories: Targeted Topic Training grants support educational programs that address identifying and preventing workplace hazards.Jun 2, 2020

occupational safety and health act. niosh supported training project grants (tpgs) have a key role in helping meet these grants require applicants to conduct training on osha-designated workplace safety and health nih funding opportunities and notices in the nih guide for grants and contracts: occupational safety and health, health and safety grants, safety and health training, safety training osha, susan harwood obituary

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