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i help kind queer folks navigate the dating landscape they can have the courage to go after what they want in dating and in life. there is no “too taboo” in this space. i felt an immediate shift in my mindset and confidence after our first appointment.

having an emotionally intelligent and supportive queer person to work through my thoughts and experiences with was so affirming and frankly exciting to feel seen.” “after talking with ariella i have a clearer plan on what i want to get out of dating and actionable steps to get there. i would definitely recommend coaching to anyone who is unsure about their dating habits or wants learn how they can date more efficiently.” “ariella was super great at getting to the root of my dating frustrations and putting solutions and tools in simple terms. she is super relatable and personable which i think is really important in a dating coach as well.” if you want to be the first to hear about session openings, or the details about my group programs make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter below!

a long time ago i was at a west hollywood party and somebody asked me what i did. in addition to that, between podcasts that i host and the different people that i’ve interviewed, as far as experts, i’ve really learned a lot about the different kinds of relationships and dating and love. the most successful thing that i can tell anyone, especially gay men, is to really take inventory of what you’re dating for. we’re just going to be dating and wasting a lot of time with the wrong people. is it a great way to meet people? he kept bringing a list to the table that said “i want a, b and c. i want six-pack abs.

if i’m going out on a weekend and i’m working with a new client, and i see someone or engage with somebody, i’m like, “oh my god! what a dating coach will do is enable you and help you go through those motions. if you want to get better physically, you’ll hire a trainer at the gym. just the simple idea that two people can come together, and i helped make that happen, is really beautiful to me. he constantly challenges me and somehow raises the bar in our relationship and how to be more thoughtful. it’s important to be completely comfortable and confident in who you are. that no matter where the journey is taking you … there’s still a lot of opportunity for you to be bigger, bolder and more beautiful.

in “becoming datable,” gay dating coach lamont white is sharing five tips for black gay men and others for becoming dateable. do you think dating is confusing or overwhelming? it doesn’t have to be! i help kind queer folks navigate the dating landscape they can have the courage to go lamont white, “the gay dating coach” from better way to meet, is sharing his insight on why guys ghost one another. lamont gives you his reasons why this mi, .

dating coach and matchmaker david cruz, 41, grew up on guam before moving to los angeles 10 years ago. getting his start with patti stanger here to help lgbtqia+ folks date & relate better ????️‍ agender babe✨ join my newsletter for dating tips!. 97 posts. enter the gay dating coach. lamont white is helping gay and bisexual men navigate the world of dating through coaching,, .

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