fixing relationship problems

—janet zinn, licensed social worker, psychotherapist and couples counselor in nyc “the secret of a successful relationship is practicing the art of simple talking and using language to convey your feelings and thoughts. don’t assume that its better to swallow your hurts, needs and pains. when this happens, the dynamic of the relationship shifts dramatically, and it can cause the two people to be incompatible.” avoid taking advantage of your partner and continue to treat them with the same love and respect that you started with.”

in any relationship, it’s important to understand and accept that the only person you can control is yourself and nagging rarely if ever garners the result you are hoping for. —michele kerulis, ph.d., relationship expert and professor of counseling at northwestern university “interrupting your partner when they’re speaking lets them know, even subconsciously, that you don’t think what they have to say is valuable. —smith “nothing drains a person or a relationship more than the slow and constant criticisms that are said daily by your partner. know what’s important to you and have a voice in making it clear.

1. take full responsibility if you’re at fault 2. give your partner the opportunity to win your trust back 3. practice radical transparency 4 this article lists the most common relationship issues and how to solve them to have a happier and healthier relationship. 1. accept the fact that you don’t have a perfect relationship. 2. talk about the problems that are affecting your relationship. 3. take some, .

1. face and embrace your differences. 2. practice effective communication skills. 3. love your partner the way he or she wants to receive love over time, these relationship problems can be destructive. here’s how to fix these issues and communicate better in your marriage., . relationship problem: trustbe on what you say you will do.don’t lie — not even little white lies to your partner or to fair, even in an sensitive to the other’s feelings. call when you say you to say you’ll be home late.

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