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if you see synergies with what we do and what your customers need, or you think paradiso solutions’ e-learning products and services could be beneficial to expanding your portfolio, then we want to hear from you. a single learning management system to support employees, partners, and customers allows centralized reporting and lower implementation/operation costs, and lets our partners address the needs of clients who require multi-tenant access. the partner program includes a commission % based on sales results coming from business opportunities identified by you as the associate paradiso solutions is seeking companies whose primary clients will benefit from our e-learning partnership. content providers will add value to their own products by providing a learning platform for current and future users.

we reward referral partners for recommending our lms platform to their clients. in this partnership program, we allow companies to bundle part or the whole of our lms platform in their product or solution offering. we support our partners throughout the entire process, from providing marketing collateral, to finding sales leads, to technical implementation and support services. therefore, we offer an aggressive commission structure so that our partners benefit by providing their clients with the best services at a competitive price. we strive to offer the most up-to-date features in order to best serve our clients and outpace our competitors.

1. open sesame. open sesame is one of the most trusted providers in the marketplace for on-demand learning courses, with 20,000+ courses from leading publishers available for download instantly. they make buying and selling elearning courses as easy as downloading a song from itunes. we specialize in elearning content authoring tools, learning management systems (lms), template & asset libraries guykat is passionate that project success comes from a great platform mixed with great content. complete learning, off the shelf elearning content, off the shelf elearning content, elearning content providers, elearning brothers, off-the-shelf training materials.

virtual college has been an industry leader in e-learning, together with associated training and development products achene media is an elearning content provider. producing high quality innovative and engaging learning content. instancy platform and content solutions are elearning industry standards compliant (scorm 1.2 and aicc). all this, e learning content providers in india, coggno, skillsoft, opensesame

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