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in particular, men are taught to get whatever they can out of a relationship and then move on. i think we all have a basic idea of what love is, but i asked devon to define lust so we can more clearly understand the difference between the two. it’s really about peace, and everyone has that opportunity to find what it is for them, but to me, that’s a great way to identify if this is the right person.” – devon franklin if you can be honest with yourself about whether you feel peace in a relationship, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble! and so often i think the culture wants women to feel that decision — ‘well, at least i have a man in my life. and sometimes when you’re a man and the woman is with you walking with you, sometimes men take that for granted.” – devon franklin women — don’t feel like you have to stay with a man if he doesn’t treat you with both love and respect. the power of acknowledging feelings versus suppressing them and this is something that a lot of men in general have faced for a while now and devon’s keys to a successful relationship and thriving marriage. you do work that is just authentic to you and you don’t care about what other people think. so this is what i love about this you got this questions in the back and i just want to read some of them, some are from women and some are from men and i think about men first because if you see this questions ‘men have you asked yourselves, why does one woman not seem to be enough? and so when it comes to a world where things are not on your terms that almost feels like a foreign experience because you cultivated an appetite where the more women the better, and guess what if this woman doesn’t suit what i want i just get rid of her and move on to the next. it’s really about peace and everyone has that opportunity to find what it is for them but to me that’s a great way to identify is this the right person. a lot of times and i believe that if any men is gonna be honest with themselves i don’t believe that more women you have the more peace you get. so when you’re dating with intention you’re letting everybody know here’s where i am, here’s what i’m doing.’ as a man i encourage any single man if you really want to get become successful in life and success to me has nothing to do with what happens in the world, success to me is peace. devon: that’s right and so for a woman to end that situation she’s in a gray area and i encourage her in the book you got to get out of the gray, you got to ask clear direct questions, wait for clear direct answers so that the man that you’re dealing with you get a sense of are you dating someone else?

so it’s not so much that the institution of marriage makes men better in it of itself, it’s that institution which fosters that love and vulnerability because i believe our vulnerability leads to our victory not the opposite way. so i do think of men certainly can adjust to life without a woman, without love but do i think the fullest life is when we can find the right person and walk through life with? and so as men we then have to practice mastery which is the practice of love where we become smarter, we become to realize this world is actually not predispose for me to become as successful as i can be. marriage is compromised and ‘okay how do we find the common ground here?’ and also as a man leading in love one of the challenges, sometimes i like i want to say this but you know what. devon: but because you know you love and i know i love her and she love me and we are in love, it’s what allowed us the environment to work through so many different things any given day. and that’s one of the reasons why i wrote this book is to dispel that, i don’t have it figured out. like it’s driven you to be the man that you are in a positive way but also driven you to darkness and longest to heal. and so i was encouraging people to get determined, determine to go after don’t stay in a season of discouragement, whatever you hoped didn’t happen acknowledge that it didn’t happen but use that to fuel what you’re going to do. if you’re dealing with a man in that situation or some men in some situation go beyond how you are doing, because so often when you have a wound the thing that you try to do is hide it. communicate your love and appreciation to that person when you start the day. but some men are like saying ‘hey i don’t want to become better.’ so in this situation do what is so important and this is where one of the reason why i want to write this book so women can have information and take the power back in a relationship. and say “you know what there might be more in myself that i uncover later today, next week or in a year that i haven’t been truthful about.” so you continue to do the work that you’re honest about your relationship but not being perfect on social media all the time. they’re not the strongest, they’re not the richest and dominant they are the most humble and that humility when i’ve been around them is like you’re great, because you don’t have to be humble. i love you so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.

how do we live a life of purpose and joy, with the freedom to make our own decisions and be happy? devon is also a fantastic writer and the author of several bestselling books. this is the first thing that devon wants to expose as the truth behind the myths of love and marriage. the roads to the way up are jagged, and it’s never a smooth ride.” – devon franklin so, you might ask, if this is what marriage and love are all about, then what makes these “happily-ever-after” myths so convincing? this puts the other person in control of how you feel…and the thing is, someone outside of us can’t perfectly contribute to our happiness 24/7.” – devon franklin i also believe that when we rely on another person to make us happy, we are setting ourselves up for a lot of pain.

the only problem is that it can be difficult to develop the boundaries of what i can do or give…because no matter how generous anyone may want to be in a relationship, if they don’t first acknowledge their needs, then altruism is flawed. talk about if you are compatible or if both of you want to go in the same direction.” – devon franklin “so to deeply understand expectations, i have every person ask these two questions. something else devon says can lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship is a lack of self-worth — but what do our feelings about ourselves have to do with how we relate to another person? but today, i can say that if you want to feel genuinely free, then vulnerability is the key! even to this day, i work on expressing the things that are hard to express.” – devon franklin many of us need to understand that vulnerability allows us to feel and experience pain with honesty, allowing us to feel alive. so, if you want to learn all the tools to start living a life that is true to your values and beliefs, you do not want to miss this episode on the school of greatness with devon franklin!

find a person you trust, and commit to telling them what’s really going on with you. if you’re married or in a relationship, that person should be your partner. unspoken expectations are relationship killers. thus, devon advises that you need to talk openly about your expectations with one another to live free love affirmation devon franklin’s tips for a successful intervention unfiltered relationship advice with author devon franklin the signs that mean, devon franklin wife, devon franklin wife, devon franklin relationships, devon franklin kids, devon franklin birthday.

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