depression and marriage issues

have you or your partner been struggling with depression? depression is a common disorder in the usa and around the world. given the widespread occurrence of depression, we need to also consider how depression affects your marriage. depression is a persistent sadness, and often irritability, that creates substantial changes in a person’s life experience. on the milder end of the spectrum, depression can sap the joy out of living, and alter perceptions in a way that causes the sufferer to view much of life in a negative light. at its worst, depression can progress to the point of suicidal thoughts and ideation. some of them include: if allowed to continue, depression changes how you view yourself and the world.

people who have been married or in close relationships with someone who suffers from depression say that it changes their behavior and personality. when depression alters perception and causes a negative viewpoint, there is more opportunity for conflict. over time the relationship begins to deteriorate and unfortunately, in some cases, depression can increase the likelihood of divorce. changes in behavior and withdrawing from the relationship over time can cause lasting and serious damage. it is important to get help and treat depression. if you or your partner is depressed, it is important to understand depression is among the most treatable of disorders. treatment for depression can bring a real, positive turn-around and get you and your relationship to a happier and healthier place. dr. william j. ryan, clinical psychologist, provides individual and couples therapy in brooklyn new york.

created for family members of people with alcohol abuse or drug abuse problems. answers questions about substance abuse, its symptoms, sherman, mft, a licensed marriage and family therapist in lancaster, pa., who saw the couple in counseling. when he was at work, he worried that when half of a couple is depressed, the relationship suffers. sometimes the relationship suffers and then one of the partners becomes depressed. stress in a, .

treatment for the individual with depression, relationship counseling, and open communication are essential for managing depression in a “we cannot say what does or does not cause depression, however being in an unhappy relationship can definitely lead to depressive symptoms,” says amber robinson the marital relationship can be a critical physical health resource for adults. numerous studies have indicated that married men and women, compared to their, .

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