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here are some things to keep in mind for any introvert navigating the world of modern dating. we’re not in our element, and our best qualities — the ability to be thoughtful, methodical, and listen — feel less appreciated and validated. and if any of the factors are within your control to modify, then do so. by focusing on the concrete, you’ll clear space in your mind and be in a better place to take in what your date is saying.

one time on a date, we dug for acorns in sonoma (to help with the replanting of trees after the historic fires). generally, groups and communal activities (like a friend’s birthday party) can be a way to meet people without the pressure to feel attraction right away. sometimes writing eliminates some of the superficial distractions that stand in the way of knowing others on a deeper level. introverts tend to have rich fantasy lives — it’s one of our superpowers — so often we fill in the missing spaces and unknowns with our own details. a queer infp writer, eleni was born and raised in the bay area.

focus outward, not inward. to combat first-date nerves, focus your attention on what your date is saying and doing and what’s going on around you, rather than 1 ; 2 go beyond the bar scene ; 3 let your friends set you up ; 4 consider dating your friends ; 5 choose the right dating site. just remember not to delve too deep too soon – keep the conversation light and easy by focusing on work, hobbies and travel plans. if they bring, .

, . 6 essential rules for dating01 of 06. put yourself out there. melodie jeng/getty images. 02 of 06. keep an open mind. being open-minded is perhaps the most important rule on this list. 03 of 06. stay safe. 04 of 06. set your own pace. 05 of 06. remember: forming connections takes time. 06 of 06. maintain a positive attitude.

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