cuckold open marriage

some background – my wife and i are 26 and newly married. we’ve both been into the idea of cuckolding though, and have talked about it a lot over time. i think early on it was just about banging other people we knew, then it shifted to gaining experiences with all different kinds of people, then to a very porny-type hot thing that we could do together, then to a bdsm type thing. over time, and especially over this last year of talking about it a lot in anticipation of doing it, i think that it’s shifted more to being about her freedom, agency, and control more than anything else. what used to be “watch me bang a hot guy” has shifted to “i want the freedom to do what i want with my time and body”.

she basically said that she may be open to that if the opportunity arises, but doesn’t want me to expect that from her. she definitely wants the opportunity to have private relationships with other people, maybe with the option to share, but not the obligation. i support those other things, and i think that in this case, supporting her to do what she wants, to have the experiences that she wants to have, and to have the freedom to live her truest life is a wonderful thing. this thing that i also love went from all fun between the two of us, to something she primarily wants for herself. i think that i’m actually okay with this shift, though, but reading about cuckolding here and other places makes me second guess myself.

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