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this article was co-authored by kelli miller, lcsw, msw and by wikihow staff writer, kira jan. kelli miller is a psychotherapist, author, and tv/radio host based in los angeles, california. kelli also facilitates groups for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as well as anger management groups. kelli was a host on la talk radio, a relationship expert for the examiner, and speaks globally.

she received her msw (masters of social work) from the university of pennsylvania and a ba in sociology/health from the university of florida. when you’ve gone through a rough patch with your partner, it might feel hard to remember the connection that originally drew you to that person. fortunately, rebuilding trust through vulnerability, honesty, and meaningful communication can help you and your relationship move to a healthier place. this article is based on an interview with our relationship expert, kelli miller, licensed pyschotherapist and award-winning author.

throughout your relationship, it is vital to ensure that you share a trusting bond with one another. it is important to be open about your use of technology and social media with your partner if you want to build your trust together. it is important that you are able to completely trust your partner with everything. it is important to let your partner know that you can trust him to give up some of the control. there is no way that you are going to be able to build trust between you and your partner without communication.

however, a great way to strengthen the trust between you and your partner is to share these deep secrets with each other. practicing eye contact is one of the best ways to develop intimacy and in turn strengthen your bond with each other. a great way to rebuild your relationship is to show appreciation for the things that you do for each other. holding hands and cuddling with each other is a perfect way to rebuild your connection. share secrets with each other so that you can strengthen the bond that you share and deepen your reliance on each other. it is important to be aware that it is going to take time and effort to rebuild this connection between you and your partner.

talk to your partner about each other’s physical boundaries, then cuddle and touch each other uninterrupted for 20 minutes, respecting the boundaries you have 1. let your partner go through your phone ; 2. give your partner a small random task to complete ; 3. take turns planning date nights ; 4. try new according to experts, here are trust-building exercises to help couples develop trust and deeper connections with each other., .

steps ; 1. 1 of 15: try a 20-minute cuddle session. ; 2. 2 of 15: spend 3 minutes looking into each other’s eyes. ; 3. 3 of 15: practice mindful breathing together in this trust-building exercise, the dominant person in the relationship relinquishes control to their partner in some area, thus giving their other fun trust exercises for couples include playing games like chess, chinese checkers, cards, carrom, etc. such activities help rebuild trust, .

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